Easy A College Courses at Chapman University

Article by Audrey Knox

In my last post, I described five difficult liberal arts courses at Chapman University. They can ruin a GPA quicker than a prolonged breakup involving mono and are just downright deceivingly tough.

That being said, I love my creative major, and some classes are not only easy, but fun and interesting. They can even improve your mental and physical well-being!

Nothing in college is an “easy A,” but here are some “easier” A’s at my school, that just might be easy A’s at your school too:

  • Intro to Philosophy: Interesting class discussions, papers you can basically choose the topic of, and debates and interesting ideas happening in class all the time? Sign up. Everyone should take a class in Philosophy if not double major in it.
  • Intro to Acting: Basically meditation, depending on the teacher and how artsy she is. If you don’t mind performing in front of people, this class is a breeze.
  • Film Studies: Even non-film majors should take this class. You’ll never look at movies the same way again, and nothing is more fun to write an essay about than your favorite film.
  • Business Writing: Spend class time working on your cover letter and resume? Uh, yes please!
  • Weight Training: If you’re a beginner, it’s a bad idea to start working on weights by yourself. Take it as a class, and earn half a credit just for working out. Bonus: your professor taking attendance is an added incentive to hit the gym!

A final note of caution: Just because a class is easy doesn’t mean you don’t have to attend or do the homework. A deceptively easy class can be a misguided and lazy student’s downfall, and then getting a bad grade is even more embarrassing.


by Audrey Knox

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