Evan Katz – Editorial Intern


Evan’s Articles:
The Off-Campus Dinner
How To: Survive Studying Abroad
First World College Problems
An Argument in Support of Roommates
How to Make a Life Size Poster for Your Dorm Door
Dorm Culture: When Creative Laziness Evolves

College/Year: Rhodes College/Freshman

Major: English Writing

Interests: I love playing guitar and singing in local bands/restaurants, and I’m into playing every sport out there. Except golf. I also really enjoy cereal.

Honest/fun fact: After an unfortunate lacrosse-goalie incident I now only have nine knuckles. Luckily, they are all on the same hand.

Other writing work/experience: Wrote as a travel writer for a Massachusetts newspaper during a semester abroad in Costa Rica; published several articles about high school/college life in local papers

Ideal job: Superhero

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