5 Education Career Paths for Those Who Like to Serve Others

Many people would prefer it if their career allowed them to provide valuable assistance to others.

People working in diverse fields offer necessary services to less fortunate individuals or agitate for societal and governmental reforms. Any of the five education paths discussed below can lead to careers that make it possible to help individuals or communities.

1. Psychology

Studying psychology is arduous, involving many years of education. Earning a four year degree is only the beginning. Most aspiring psychologists go on to earn a master’s degree and then a Ph.D. This educational path includes plenty of hands-on training and prepares the individual to work one-on-one with others.

2. Public Policy

This education path could place an individual in an influential position for local or national government. Many people who follow this route become a government analyst. It is the analyst’s job to identify areas where the government can improve its policies and programs to better serve its constituents. The analyst in such a public policy position may also be responsible for implementing new programs and policies. Most people begin with a bachelor’s degree in political science and go on to earn a master’s in public policy. Many schools even have programs where you can earn your masters in public policy online while working in the field.

3. Health Management

People interested in health care and ensuring that others have adequate access to necessary services may want to follow this career path. Potential careers, such as being a health services manager, may require collaboration with government officials to improve medical service delivery to certain populations. Most applicants in this field hold a bachelor’s degree in health administration and a master’s degree in a subject like public health.

4. Social Work

Those who chose social work appreciate a hands on approach to helping individuals solve problems. The social worker helps to connect people with already existing services that they may be unaware of. Entering the field of social work requires many years of school and on-the-job training. Candidates must usually hold a bachelor’s degree in social work or sociology. Frequently, a master’s degree in social work is a necessary qualification.

5. Law

Some people choose a legal education with the goal of helping disadvantaged segments of the community achieve justice. Undergraduates don’t necessarily have to choose a related major, though it may help to complete a pre-law program. A three year law degree program is also required. With a law degree, you can become a public defender or even work towards law-making in congress.

Many jobs enable people to serve others. Look into any of these educational paths to find a means of making the world a better place.

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