Failed Courses at SUNY New Paltz

Article by Scarlett Valentin, SUNY New Paltz — Sure colleges like to be different from one another, boasting about their “groundbreaking research” and “renowned professors” and “state of the art” blah blah blah!

But on the course difficulty level, we’re pretty sure taking Oceanography will be easy across a sample of colleges, and taking Managerial Accounting equally tough. Unless you’re attending some online college 😉

So this is why we’ve created our two epic series: most failed courses and easy A courses. So you can browse through and get a accurate as heck perspective of what to avoid and what to load on your schedule.

In this edition, our intern at SUNY New Paltz lists the difficult courses on her campus, enjoy! (unless you’re taking one of them)

Geology Classes in General. These are all 4 credit classes. 3 credits for a college science course are enough for me. These courses include:

A. Geomorphology – You need a math placement of 5 for this class, I don’t even want to know what this is about.

B. Mineralogy And Crystallography – Prerequisites include Physical Geography AND Chemistry (College level Chemistry is hard enough!). At least you get to go on field trips.

C. Stratigraphy – Sedimentation. – Prerequisites include Historical Geology, Paleontology. AND a math placement of 5. The good thing is that there are field trips in this class, too. I don’t want to know how much work comes before and after them though.

2. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance – Not only does this class have too many prerequisites to list, but I also have not gotten the best reviews of the professors. Nothing ruins a hard class more than a professor that doesn’t give out the best grades.

3. Transcultural Health – Very detailed tests and the professor is a difficult grader. The course description includes “Designed for advanced level students.” They don’t include that for nothing!

So take note, and keep on reading through here for info on courses you’ll need to avoid!


by Scarlett Valentin

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