Ways the Internet Can Help You Find Your Dream Career

This is a guest post by Amanda Brown. 

The whole world has gone to the web, which is why you must be able to effectively access the internet to network yourself into the perfect career. So don’t get left behind with these four ways the internet can help you find a career:

1. Online Classes

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By taking classes online, you can learn more about a subject without spending lots of money or taking time out of your workday. If you take a class on human anatomy and hate it, you know you probably aren’t cut out for medical work. If, however, you love your general psychology class, you may be a good fit for a career in counseling, social services, or psychology. Websites like getarealdegree.com collect information about online degrees by finding reputable brick-and-mortar universities that also offer online programs. In addition to connecting you with these universities, the website also lists career opportunities for whatever degree you want.

2. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Thanks to this online database of employment statistics, you can learn just how successful and available any job is. Thinking about becoming a high school English teacher? The geographical statistics from 2011 will tell you that jobs are scarce in cities but more common in rural areas, and that you will have better job prospects if you decide to teach math instead.  Want to know the average annual income for a lawyer? A map will show you that you will make the most money in states like New York and Illinois. The Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the bureau will also tell you what lawyers and other professionals do, what their work environment is like, and what are some similar careers.

3. Social Media Sites

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As the social media world has infiltrated how businesses function, it is no wonder that job searches have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In fact, some professionals have gone so far as to say that if you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you simply do not exist to headhunters. Once you have a professional-looking LinkedIn and Facebook page, you will find ample opportunities to reach out to contacts for more information about the careers you are interested in.

Making contacts is not just about asking for a job. It involves forming a relationship of mutual respect. Ask for advice, offer help, and be sincerely interested in what your contact says about their professional and personal life. Social media is the perfect way to keep these relationships alive over time, even if you haven’t spoke to the person recently.

4. Webinars

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Websites like Webinarreviews.org offer you a central location to market, find, and participate in a webinar. Perfect for the curious or the job seeker, webinars are usually run by a company looking for exposure and interaction. Generally free, you can find interesting and useful webinars that will add to your knowledge of a field or that will aid in your decision making. Types of webinars include Google Hang Outs, Q&A sessions, and news on new company or industry trends.

What great webinar or website have you used on your career path?

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