Women in the Workforce: 5 Careers that are Quickly Recruiting More Women

It’s no secret that many industries have struggled to offer equal opportunities to both men and women when it comes to position, pay, and rank. However, there are also many industries that have a small number of female representatives because women haven’t heavily pursued certain jobs up until now. Unfortunately there are still plenty of biases, prejudices, and stereotypes that make it difficult for women to break in to careers in some industries, but thankfully many industries are now actively recruiting more women. Organizations are striving to create diversity within the company, and even the scales when it comes to hiring both men and women.

Take a look at a few industries that have typically been male-dominated, but that are now actively recruiting female employees:


Construction has long been known as a “man’s job” but construction companies at large are seeing that women are capable as successful construction workers as well. According to USATODAY, there has been a lack of women in construction, but recruiting is on the rise. They also stated that out of the 7.1 million workers in the construction field, only 2.6% were women. While female construction workers have been few and far between up until now, more companies are starting to actively recruit more women for their workforce, which means we will likely see a rise in these numbers in the coming years.

Law Enforcement

The law enforcement field is strongly dominated by men. According to the DeseretNews, law enforcement agencies are now recruiting women because of their unique skills. While this is a dangerous profession (and getting even more dangerous), as more establishments start to seek female candidates, we could see a change in the demographic. Although some women are intimidated by the profession, it is still a viable career for both men and women who are dedicated and hard working.


Similar to construction, women only represent a small percentage of manufacturing. This is because manufacturing owners have held a prejudice against women when it comes to the physical demands associated with the job duties. Whether its lifting heavy boxes, using machines like forklifts or working on a line, women have fought to prove they can perform just as efficiently. One source points out that although the number of women in manufacturing has declined, more women are needed for “team-based” manufacturing groups these days due to their leadership skills.

Engineering and Technology

When it comes to engineering and technology, women often tend to stray away from internal positions. However, organizations in technology desire more women now because of their success in upper management positions across different fields. Hiremorewomenintech.com reported, Fortune 500 companies with at least three female directors have seen their return on invested capital increase by at least 66%, return on sales increase by 42%, and return on equity increase by at least 53%. The professionals at Norwich University who offer a master’s in civil engineering suggest that having women in technology and engineering positions will promote a much healthier and more diverse company, organization, or group.


Women have often steered away from this career path because of the fact that they could possibly be away from their families or potential future families for long periods of time. Simultaneously, hiring managers think the same thing. Truck drivers are usually on the road for several days and have limited time with their families. However, over the years, women have been able to earn more respect in a male-dominated profession. Women are not only good candidates for driving positions, but there are also needs in dispatch, management, sales, and other jobs within the trucking industry.


While some industries may never see more women in the field, it is comforting to know that organizations and industries are making a point to recruit more women for important jobs. On the same note, there are plenty of professions that are dominated by women, and difficult for men to break into. As we evolve as a society, we can hope to see more equality on both sides—promoting more diversity within corporations and industries that can only lead to improvement.

What other careers are starting to recruit more women?

Are you a woman working in one of these industries?

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