Getting Ready for Freshers Week

This is a guest post by freelance publisher Chloe Atwell.

If you’re about to head away to university for the first time, you might want to give some consideration to what you can realistically take with you – it’s certainly unlikely that you will be able to have all of your worldly possessions with you in halls of residence, for example, as rooms are usually fairly small.

You should find it easy to make friends, as Freshers Week activities are designed to break the ice, but just in case, there’s nothing wrong with taking a few forms of entertainment that you can enjoy in your own room – you might find yourself hosting a few impromptu house parties or gaming sessions, if you can find some like-minded individuals.

These days though, there should be no need for a huge selection of discs, whether they contain music or console games; instead, you can often have all of your music, film and games collection in digital format on a hard drive, and free up the space that would otherwise be taken up by the discs.

Depending on the licences you agreed to when you bought them, you may be able to sell off the physical formats of parts of your collection – but if you’re confident it’s legal for you to still keep a copy of your own, make sure you back it up, as you won’t be able to restore it without the disc, if your hard drive becomes corrupted.

Modern games consoles are a great place to deposit all kinds of files; they can read and copy data from most common media disc types to suitable file formats for hard disk storage, and usually have USB ports to import files from external hard drives too.

The operating system software usually makes them a sensible location for your media collection too as, in addition to separating out the games you have fully installed on the hard drive, you’ll usually get a fairly fully featured software DVD player and separate MP3 and CD playing software program too.

With everything loaded on to your console, you can head off to university with just the one box – and a TV to display it on – to power all of your entertainment, and make the most of the space available to you in your room, however large or small it may be.

And of course, if your parents are willing to look after them, you don’t have to sell off your old discs; in fact, you might find that the next time you head home for the holidays, the folks have raided your CD collection and discovered a brand-new love for your favourite music.

About Chloe Atwell

I am a recent graduate now helping new students to make the most of their time at university; the decision to sell my console games to help fund my studies was among the hardest I have had to make, and I like to think of it as a true coming of age moment in my life.

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