Drinking Games: Advantage You

Some play in neon. source

By: Narayguy

Drinking games, like beer pong or beirut as you might know it, can be a great way of attracting the opposite sex while putting down your opponent and potential evolutionary competitor.

But be careful, in a game of mixed doubles beer pong, you don’t want to outshine your partner. You want to have swagger, and let them have swagger too.

And in these games, you can’t control everything…

You can’t control how well your opponents play, unless you’re a great dancer and distracter. But you can control your team chemistry. Its a simple thing, but there is not much better than getting the clutch balls back in front of a crowd to seal a bond between you and your steamy partner. Good old-fashioned teamwork. This can lead to high-fiving, hugging, groping, and hopefully for you, much more.

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3 thoughts on “Drinking Games: Advantage You

  1. Haha!
    Building off what Carl is saying… usually the less beer you force down your throat in beirut/beer pong means the higher potential for a successful night!

    Tip: fill your cups LOW, maybe with the exception of the back cups so they don't fall over.

  2. There is also the fine line that you have to stand on in terms of helping your partner finish her beers… you will typically have to carry some extra burden on that front, but you don't want to get to the point where you are overly intoxicating, and she is merely a sober onlooker… does not make for a good night

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