GPA Booster: The Well Planned Intro Course

By: Narayguy (founder)

If you want a solid GPA, don’t dig yourself a hole from the start.

This may seem obvious, but in the face of a thousand college distractions freshmen year, you may forget where to put your focus.

Don’t assume you’ll pull through easily either, like you may have in high school. Intro classes, like Econ101, are a perfect example. Totally curved and based on simple criteria like problems sets, a few exams, and a paper, they are easy for the prof. to grade.

Those who ace the first assignments will occupy the upper portions of the curve, while those who skip them or blow them off will start at the bottom. As the course continues, the more you perform well the more your spot at the top is secured, and if you do poor in becomes increasingly harder, and impossible, to overcome the curve.

Your max grade will become a B, then a C, as you are grouped in with the large section of the curve representing the average grade, or a standard dev. below it. Just consider yourself warned.

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