5 College Degrees That Land the Highest Paying Careers

A college education is one of the surest ways to guarantee a higher income throughout your life, but not all degrees are paths to big pay days. Here are some of the college degrees that are associated with high-income jobs and how you can pursue them.

1. Computer Engineering

This professional field is a no-brainer when it comes to return on investment. Tech is the center of the world right now and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Computer engineers build the hardware and software that powers our lives and businesses, so they tend to jump right into $68,000+ salaries from the start and achieve six-figure incomes within years, meaning they can make valuable investments earlier than the average worker.

2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is one of the most versatile, high-paying degrees available today. It’s the terminal degree for those who want to aim for a corporate management role, be it within an existing company or as entrepreneurs. Many of the top-earning executives in the United States today hold MBAs and the field is now seeing a greater overlap with tech exes. Brick-and-mortar business schools are standard today, but online MBA programs are becoming more prevalent.

3. Biology

Now is a very exciting time for a variety of fields that start with degrees in biology. Everything from chemical engineering to medical research and biotech employ people with a MS or PhD in biology. The median salary for people who work in biology-focused labs averages $75,000 or more, depending on the specific field. Expert consultants have the potential to make considerably more.

4. Health Informatics

In the modern medical sphere, it’s not just new treatments that are improving the quality of care people receive, it’s also how easily doctors, nurses and technicians can share vital data. Health informatics is the evolving field of IT and data management that updates how medical professionals store, share and transmit patient information. More schools are starting to teach this subject and you can always learn about clinical informatics online. You should also keep up on the ever-growing mobile market for health-related apps. Most doctors carry iPads with them and patient records have become almost entirely digital. You can help this process with a career in health informatics.

5. Engineering

There are a variety of specialized engineering fields and they all bring in fairly high salaries at all levels. Energy systems engineers tend to make the most of the common engineering fields, yielding nearly $100,000 per year on average. That’s not to say standard mechanical engineers fall that far behind: they make more than $70,000 at median and have an earning potential that comes close to higher salary engineering jobs in the long term. Most large universities have engineering programs, but the most prestigious engineering degrees come from institutes of technology.

All of these degrees have specialized knowledge, technology and innovation in common. They all apply to vastly different fields, but they all focus on giving students skills that will remain valuable for the rest of their lives. If you approach your education as a continuing process that’s always in your hands, you can achieve any of these degrees and start earning great money soon.


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