The Holistic Approach to Writing a College Assignment

The very minute you get an assignment from your college, your brain is filled with volley of questions.

The questions may involve considerations with topic hunt and researching as well as issues with formatting and editing. While these all are major problems with writing a college assignment, you must not waste all your time just dealing with these individual tasks. To effectively tackle with issues of writing an assignment, you have to pursue a holistic approach. You have to consider the task as a whole instead of focusing on only one or two of its aspects. As an academic quality manager at Essaymall, here I have outlined some major tasks involved in writing an assignment that will help you approach your assignment writing in the right direction.

  • Look for an Interesting Idea: Before writing an assignment, you must first choose a good topic. It must be something that not only has the viability but also fits into the requirements of your college. Visit various sources of information that include academic journals, magazines, books and internet to find an interesting idea. Make sure it is neither too broad nor too narrow for an assignment.
  • Make Notes Of Useful Information: Once you have found a viable idea, you have to gather relevant materials for writing. Go through different resources such as libraries, books and internet databases and save materials in notes to use later.
  • Make an Outline: Considering your notes, divide information into chunks of writing. You can do it by gathering your notes and organizing the compiled information into an elaborate outline. Divide the entire outline into main headings and subheadings. Give specific numbers to each item within the outline. Format your paper into a proper organizational layout, such hierarchical steps or chronological order.
  • Create First Draft: Next, you will do the ‘drafting’ task in different sessions. This is the most workable way that writers prefer to write an assignment. Starting with a rough draft of your assignment, construct your paper towards the conclusion. Follow your outline and take into considerations all the formatting requirements given by your college.
  • Do the Edit: Having completed the first draft of your assignment, perform the first edit. Do it by revising the distorted, vague or out-of-context sentences in your writing. Check if there is any missing point, fact or evidence. Finally, you have to organize the information using headings, sub-headings and bullet points.
  • Always Proofread: Lastly, you must make sure that your final draft is free from spelling and grammatical issues. After doing all the hard work and efforts, you would not want to get your grades affected due to minor spelling and grammatical errors. Never rely upon a spell-checker as it does not recognize differences between certain spellings and grammar usages. Always double-check your work every time you run a spell-checker.

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