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11 May 2012 | Narayguy | tweet feedback to @honestcollege

This coming weekend, Honest College will pack up its belongings and supplies (mainly a laptop) and ship off to San Fran for the Adobe Days event May 17th-May 20th.

We’ve been working on various projects for the Adobe Students community via Ivy Worldwide for quite a while now, and it’ll be awesome to finally unite with the other bloggers. And to escape the concrete jungle. And to enjoy a full paid mini-vacation.

Adobe Days will consist of three days of intense software training and blog networking with other folks in the Adobe community. We’ll discuss exciting features in the recently launched Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud, and for the students involved it presents an awesome trip post-finals. For us, having already graduated in 2010, it’s a break from real-world work.

Hopefully we don’t look too archaic.

So far, the Honest College team has been working with CS5 Master Collection, it’s a fun set of tools, more advanced than we may ever know, that has taken us away from Sportcenter reruns, Netflix movies, and other distractions to, well, creative something for others.

So, we’re going. Trip is paid for. Flights set. We’ll be suuure to take pictures, and here’s a bit about what we’ll learn…

Just a few of the designs you could create…

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is what we’re looking forward to most. Not because we’re still grappling with this concept of our files being stored..in the…sky?…and really want this explained, but because it will make life easier for us as creators of web things.

The deal with the Creative Cloud, is it’s like an iTunes app store for Adobe’s Creative suite products (Photoshop, InDesign, etc) and for new their releases.

Adobe fuels the Cloud with updates and new products that you see in real time when you log in from your computer or tablet. Having access to it costs you $49.99 a month, and replaces the need to make an much more intimidating software purchase that say CS4 presented.

So say you open your iPad up to the Creative Cloud. You can instantly play with all Adobe products. If you take a picture, you can edit it. A video, same thing. You can then publish it to web, share it, or see what others have added to it in your network. Everything updates in real time, like a Google Doc.

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