How to — Enter into Your Blogging Niche

You’ll hear bloggers talk about their niche. That means their section of the blogosphere, with people that write about the same topic or sell the same thing or just are plain similar.

Laptop reviews is a “niche”. Travel blogs are a niche. Style blogs are a niche that my girlfriend seems to love.

The deal with niches is they are usually well-formed with barricades surrounding them. Like a medieval town that has all it’s resources already. Are you’re the ninja trying to break through unseen.

Entering a Niche

Have you picked a niche for your blog yet? Pick one now, just for the sake of this exercise. It should be one of your strongest interests, something you do on your spare time by choice.

Now, Google something related to that interest. If you chose “video games”, then pick again, silly. If you chose something like “helping people relax” or “building cool logos” or “financial planning”, then you’re getting closer to a niche.

Whatever you chose, Google a related phrase that someone looking for infromation on your topic might search for. This is how visitors get to blogs organically, meaning not via a paid ad or other promotional effort. Click on one of the top 3 results and check out the source. Is it a blog?

Examining Your Niche

If it is a blog, is it helpful? Is it what you wanted for your search phrase? If you searched “need a cool website logo” and got a blog on coolest cat pictures on the web, that wouldn’t exactly be helpful. But, here’s an insider tip. If you search something a lot of others are searching for and want info on, and you don’t find relevant info, that’s a niche opening! Meaning that’s where you could create content.

You want to enter a niche that isn’t totally saturated, and one that needs your knowledge. If it appears from a few Google searches that everything from that specific field of interest is written on, then try to pick again. I don’t mean blog about something you don’t want to blog about, by any means. I mean if you are picking a niche, it’s better to pick one that isn’t dominated by other bloggers already.

If what you’re most interested in doesn’t seem to be covered in blogs you’re finding, or you feel strongly that you could cover a topic better, more clearly, more in depth, and please an audience, then you’ve got a strong angle to begin with.

Profitable Blog Niches

The most profitable blog niches are those where the readers are looking to spend money. Technical equipment reviews and computer reviews are two profitable niches, because the readers are looking for good advice before they make a good purchase.

If you’re going to buy a $1500 camera, of course you’re going to read reviews online. And you had better believe those websites and blogs writing the reviews compete amongst each other for your attention.

Other profitable niches include but aren’t limited to: retail products reviews, skin care, online marketing how to, online schooling, and travel destinations, to new a few more.

Anything that requires a bit of review and reading before a large purchase produce a profitable niche. Can you think of a new one? One that people are in need of? Get those gears turning.

Is Niche Blogging Necessary?

Absolutely not. You can blog about whatever you want! Niche blogging is only one approach. You can fill a blog with any type of creation you want, like your artwork. As long as you have a few interested readers, you stand to grow a bit.

Keep in mind though, the blogs that help people, grow the quickest. Most readers and content consumers on the internet are incredibly selfish with their time. They don’t want to sift through paragraphs upon paragraphs of your stories to get to the punch line, they want the punchline up front.

It’s obviously fun to write down your journeys and stories, but don’t expect people beyond your close friends to read them. There are of course exceptions, the one I’m thinking of is a fashionista who blogs about her outfits, her weddings, her boyfriend. She calls herself “Cupcakes and Cashmere”. God knows why people read her stuff. And oh yeah, don’t blog about cupcakes.

Where To Get Started

If you’ve found your blog topic then it’s time to get things rolling. Think up a unique domain name, then shoot over to GoDaddy’s website search to see if it’s available for purchase.

If it is, I can show you how to get your blog setup in about 7 minutes on WordPress, the largest blog platform. You need a hosting provider, and I recommend installing with HostGator because they have an easy tool for beginners who just want to blog. Watch the video below and click here to get started with WordPress.

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