5 Things I Did in High School that Prepared Me for College

High school is an immensely difficult period for a lot of people, and how they deal with high school usually has a direct correlation on how they deal with college, too. The social lessons that you learn in high school can make or break your confidence, and it’s important that when you leave high school you feel like you have picked up everything you needed to know.

As I was going to high school, I had an immense need to be prepared for the course I was heading to. I knew it was going to be really hard work, so made sure that I got involved in as many experiences as possible in high school to prepare me for the rollercoaster of emotions that could potentially lie ahead. I got involved in things like;

Helping my Soccer Team

It’s important to have a group or a tribe you belong to in high school. For me that was soccer and for our team we did more than just practice and play. We’d help each other study and make grades, hang out on the weekends, talk to each other about girl problems and more. My junior year our team didn’t have money for uniforms so we all banded together and did a cookie dough fundraiser with Cherrydale Farms. We took it into our hands to to help ourselves when our school didn’t have the money to help us and it helped bring us together as a group.  to This was a really good event for me to get involved in. I worked hard in the community to drum up the support we needed. Although it was really hard – due to the lack of interest in soccer throughout the area at the time – it gave me a real sense of confidence and belief in my ability to help others. It helped me overcome my anxiety, and matured me as a person.

“Conversation Therapy”

There were plenty of times in high school where I could be put in an uncomfortable position. A friend would be getting picked on, or I could be picked upon, and having to come up with the answers on my feet to get out of difficult situations was an uncomfortable task but something I’m glad I had to go through. I now understand how to deal with pressure from others more efficiently and make sure that I don’t break under scrutiny.

Comparing Social Backgrounds

This might sound over the top, but I found the sheer wealth of different cultures and backgrounds within high school incredible. I used it to my advantage and it allowed me to develop a much keener understanding of how to handle sensitive social, religious and cultural topics much better. Without this experience, I may today hold opinions that I would be embarrassed of – high school helped me leave this mentality behind.

Carrying Conversations

It’s something that I used to struggle with when I was younger, but in high school I watched others to see how they carried conversations. I was able to know when to move on to a new topic better and understand when a conversation was struggling. I’m pleased I was able to work this out in my head, as it used to worry me quite a lot that I could hurt my future by being so inquisitive. Going through High School helped me understand a lot of social skills I would never have found had I not went.

All of these situations helped me prepare for college – it helped me understand pressure, anxiety, the need to succeed and also how to understand the sensitivities of others more keenly for the future. Everything I learned then has stood me in good stead for the years to come.

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