A Surprising Way to Use a Stylish Chatroom

This is a guest post by RumbleTalk CEO Eyal Misk.

Many of us are trying to combine studying, social activities and making some money. A lot of students tend to choose to make money via websites, Facebook pages or blogs where they gain pocket money from ads or affiliate. But with limited time and budget gaining greater exposure which means more visitors and thus money for their online activity is pretty hard.

In this post I will share with you a special approach to engage your website visitors with the help of simple conversation + Facebook and Twitter tricks which will result in more exposure than you ever thought possible.

The concept seems familiar, a chat room, but in the past years chat rooms have changed from simple conversation to a vibrant chat tool that made a live group chat a true marketing promoter tool.

There are several new ways you can use a chat room on your website to increase your traffic. We are not talking about sales chat popping in, we are referring to a website chatroom that anyone on a webpage can talk to other visitors to that page.

What’s new about this concept?

Well, a lot, live group chat of today is not a chatroom you remember from the past. Todays chats are equipped with stylish chatroom themes and have some important mobile and social presence.
In a nutshell :

1 – Live Chat room can increase your SEO, yes, your SEO
2 – You can keep talking from mobile or tablets.
3 – In todays world we let website visitors share their thoughts to Facebook and twitter directly from a chat widget.
4 – Chat can be styled-up to match a page look and feel.
5 – Now this is new, you can add the same website chat to your Facebook page and use the traffic from your Facebook and your website to talk with various people.
6 – Let your visitors invite their friends to the conversation and increase your audience.
7 – let your website visitors share pieces of the chat to Facebook and Twitter with your website url.

Generate content via chat and increases your website SEO

SEO plays a major role in having your website show up higher in search engine result. SEO involves with changes to your page, but the KING of all is fresh content. Fresh content is a major factor in having your page appear higher in search engines.

So what if I told you that there is an easy way to create fresh content for your page?
What if I told you that with almost zero effort, your page visitors can create this content for you?

This is how, step by step:
a. Add a group chat to your page.
b. Let users discuss topics on your page and save chat history.
c. Export the chat transcript (after removing non relevant stuff).
d. Add the transcript into your page.

It is simple and many websites and blogs are taking advantage of group chat with the ability to save chat history (archive). Nevertheless people are sometimes reluctant to add a chatroom because of spammers. The RumbleTalk plugin solves this problem in two ways:
1. Once you create your chatroom you have the ability to restrict chatters to use only their Facebook and Twitter profiles to login. This will reduce spam by 90% and will make sure your chatroom is not accessed by trolls.
2. In order to assure chatters will not use “bad words”, a chatroom owner can create a list of banned words and sentences to prevent users from spamming and being abusive.
3. There is also a flood protector for chatroom spammers.

Chatting make visitors stay longer on your page

People are now aware to the fact that a social chatroom at your page gives an extra reason for users to return to your page, time after time.

Tip: We recommend that you set events and ask your audience questions to encourage their engagement and let them express themselves freely.

Let your audience draw more audience

RumbleTalk has two website booster features that help you gain more audience and spread the word via social media. These two ways include inviting friends and share content from the chats.

a. Invite friends to chat: Your chatters have the option to invite their friends to the conversation. They can invite their Facebook friends or their twitter followers.

b. Share chat content in social networks: Your chatters can send part of the conversation to their Facebook and twitter friends.

Use it for more than just chatting, make it a working tool

Any website or blog owner can add a chat to their page. Some use it for support purposes, some time for chit chat and some of the study groups. Listed below are some great ways to use a live group chatroom.

1. Study groups– Having a chat box on a page is a great way to encourage discussions during a live show or event. Many students and universities are using the RumbleTalk chatroom platform.
2. Educational chat – Adding a chat to a virtual classroom makes it very attractive to students. Being able to add images and videos only amplifies the experience.
Over 10 universities and over 100 e-learning websites are using RumbleTalk.
3. Social Trading – Last years made stock and option trading a computer dominated domain. However, during the past 8 years, a new concept has emerged – a social trading for “Humans”. It includes mainly a social chat and forum where professionals trade together while chatting, sharing images and videos in the chatroom. Group chatroom has become an essential tool for traders.
4. Online Events – There are a lot of online events (even on Facebook). One of the best ways to sense your audience mood is through a group chatroom. For example, there was a Pre-Launch of a famous book where the author revealed chapters of the book to his audience via group chat. The chat was a significant tool in this event to gauge readers’ reaction to the new book.

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About: Rumbletalk is a boutique chatroom platform that powers over 140000 websites.

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