Basic Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid

At school or college students face a lot of challenges when it comes to writing. There are different writing projects but all of them are meant to show the good understanding of the topic or the course in general. And at this very point students may face some problems.

While working on the paper student may ask himself a great number of questions. Where to start from? What style of writing to be used? Formal? Informal? What paper is considered to be A+ paper?

There are several simple rules to follow, most of them talks about the basic essay writing mistakes to avoid.


Plagiarized paper can bring you a lot of troubles. This refers to failing the paper, long conversation with professor or college authorities and you may end up being excluded from the college.

It is not hard to avoid plagiarism. Just make sure that you cite all the thoughts that are not yours. The best way to write a paper using other source is to start a paragraph with the thesis, that can be a quote. And then develop the idea with your own words. This way you will cite someone’s idea, at the same time you show that you have an understanding on what the author is talking about.

The second thing to pay attention to is grammar. No one wants a paper with grammar mistakes. Even if the paper shows that you have a great understanding of the topic, grammar mistakes will spoil it all. In most rubrics professors gives good points if the paper is grammatically correct. Also, no spelling mistakes in the paper. Be sure to use dictionary if you have a slight doubt of the correct spelling of this or that word. Some words that sound the same but are spelled in a different way may change the meaning of the sentence. And this is something that professors do not tolerate as well.

The third thing is to avoid repetitions. Sentences that have the same meaning but are written using different words won’t make your paper bigger or richer.

Follow these simple essay writing basics and your paper will be awesome. It is not a promise – it is a fact.

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