Sony VAIO S: I Knew Something Was Up Series

SO, I’ve been watching this new intruder I mentioned before. She’s been in my owner’s room, lounging on the bed as if she owns the place, while I have been stashed in the sock drawer. Thankfully, I like socks. I hide them when my owner neglects me.

After a some careful observation, I’ve uncovered 4 things this new intruder has me beat on. But I mean, I have a magnetic charger…

VAIO S SERIES vs. MACBOOK PRO: 4 areas where VAIO S wins

1) Weight and thickness: This VAIO thing is tiny! She’s lightweight, and fits in my owner’s lap like a baby kitten. I’d mistake her for an actual paper notebook. 13.3″ for her, 15″ for me. I’ll start using my gym membership, I swear.

2) Pre-Installed Applications: The VAIO S comes with Windows 7, as well as all sorts of silly Adobe products. I’ve heard she’s the new benchmark for Window’s people, but what do I know.

3) Keyboard layout: My keyboard is a beauty, but I can tell my owner likes the VAIO S’s layout. It’s sleek, shiny purple, and everything is clearly labelled. Plus it’s got the “F” keys. I don’t need ’em, over it.

4) Buttons and Pluggins: The VAIO has a power-saver button cleverly labelled stamina. She also has three USBs (USB 3.0). I get tired out with just an iPod and an external drive slotted in me. Give ME a “stamina” button!

Seriously I’m over it. I need some Pinkberry. I found a weird sheet battery thingamabob stashed in my owner’s room, and can only imagine what he and the VAIO do with it. That’ll be my next post.

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