The Sony VAIO S: I Knew Something Was Up

By: the computer who brought you all the great posts you’ve been reading

So guys, it’s time I introduced myself. I am the powerhouse behind the blogging, the hard drive filled with posts and pictures, the keyboard which coverts my owners sometimes brilliant sometimes way too random thoughts into articles, and so much more. In short, I am a Mac.

Just like you, I wake up every morning, do work, get a little tired and a little heated at times, and at the end of the day, enjoy a good sleep. But, today when I awoke, something felt a bit strange. Like the feeling when you’ve been left on all night and had to hibernate on your own (my equivalent to passing out with my clothes fully on). I knew something was wrong.

Here’s me this morning, calmly enjoying my beautiful iTunes, a coffee, and planning the daily To Do for my owner.

A bit groggy eyed still, I wasn’t aware of the foreign contents scattered about on the floor. My owner usually gets into all sorts of mischief at night, and I’m left to deal with his mishappenings in the morning. It’s really nothing out of the ordinary to find old chinese food and wrappers all over the floor, or even a strange guest on the couch. But this looked suspiciously different:

I was onto him. Now I’m not the jealous type, but I like to think that after almost two years of being together, of slaving away at everything from late night papers to 10-hour plane rides, that he’d stay with me forever. At least until I evolve into a newer Mac.

I had had enough for now.

When I awoke that evening, I heard strange sounds coming from my owner’s room. HE HAD COME HOME FROM HIS 9-5 AND NOT AWOKEN ME?! I had to investigate.

I approached his room cautiously, and nudged the door gently.

I knew it was trouble. He was with another computer. A shiny purple new Sony VAIO S Series, with a 15 hour battery life upgrade! I was stunned. I have iPhoto, iTunes, iCalendar, iPhotoBooth, I mean are you joking? I stormed out and slammed the door.

I’ll update you soon on my thoughts on this new intruder.

Note: This post is part of a program called Charged and Ready, where a group of young bloggers have been given a Sony VAIO-S Series laptop to review and test. Honest College has chosen the above format for our reviews. Hope you enjoy these posts, and hope it does not detract from our usual college posts.

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