Apple Opens Up the Virtual Lecture Hall with iTunes U

Article by Aspen Evans (SCAD) — As the world becomes more technologically advanced, so has our education system.

With projectors, tablets, even the Internet, we’ve long done away with chalkboards and transparencies. Teachers and professors are giving up their old methods, embracing the technology of today, and using it to their, as well as the students, advantage.

Apple, a company that has stayed on the brink of technology for quite a few years, seems to have followed suit in the revamping of education by creating the iTunes U app. The iTunes U app allows students to have access to thousands of free courses, as well as their professors’ courses, and allows professors to organize, teach, assign, and collect work online.

Top colleges and universities have been making their courses available through this app since its inception. The app gives professors control over the audio, video, eBooks, documents, images, and external links as well as other content needed for their course and how to display and organize it. Although the course may be for a certain major or school, anyone can access the courses and learn for themselves.

The apps uses can go beyond just a college student’s iPhone or iPod. Last year during my senior year of high school, my AP Literature and Composition instructor showed us what a college class was really like and how to take notes by showing us video lectures from a Yale course that is featured on the application.

Overall, I feel that Apple has done an amazing job with the iTunes U app. I just wished that more people took advantage of all the capabilities it has to offer. If more colleges and students took advantage of using the technology versus paper and pencil, then education could become a more environmentally friendly sector; but I digress. Apple has once again stayed on the curve of technology and will continue by creating innovative apps like this one.


by Aspen Evans

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