Job Hunt Lessons from the College Application Process

This is a guest post by Bobby Touran from ApplyKit.

For the new graduate, searching for a real job, perhaps for the first time in their lives, the task of finding employment may seem daunting and overwhelming. But, there is now reason to feel this way – after all, you have valuable experience in job searching techniques. What is that experience? Your college application process!

The tasks you go through to help find a great job is very similar to what you went through when you were selecting a college. Just like that previous experience, you want to learn about the business before your interview, and use that knowledge to help you ask questions of the interviewer. Many of the same rules about interviewing apply here as well – for instance, sleep well the night before, and have a light meal beforehand. It is also a very good idea to follow up a job interview just like you did with college interviews with a thank you note.

And, just as you used your high school guidance counselor for information and an inside track to the college of your dreams, don’t be afraid to take the guidance offered by your local unemployment office. Even if you are not receiving benefits, they will often be quite helpful to people seeking a position. Much of the time, they will also have connections with decision-makers within local companies, and their recommendation can carry a lot of weight with human resource departments.

Study up on your lessons from college applications to learn about job hunting!

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