Working Student? 6 Tips To Succeed In The Classroom And At Work

While it is quite possible to successfully balance work and school, it does take discipline and excellent time management skills. If you find yourself in the midst of an employment and education juggling act, read on for some practical and helpful tips of how to do it well.

Limit Distractions

Technology makes receiving updates from friends, blogs, and social media sites easy and instant. However, constantly checking your text messages, incoming emails, and social media updates can seriously cut into your study time. Create boundaries for yourself and technology, and stick to them. Keep your phone on vibrate or silent when you are working and studying, or create a schedule for when you will check your updates, and how long you will allot during each technology check in.

Stay Healthy

All work and no play not only can make a person sad, but it can also leave you feeling like your energy is zapped. Constantly consuming caffeine and mindlessly munching on convenience foods will not help you to achieve maximum health or brain power. Be sure to hydrate with plenty of water, and to choose snacks that provide good nutrition. Always have nuts and fruit on hand. Schedule exercise into your school and work week. It may seem impossible, but you can achieve short workouts if you plan ahead. Doing so will make you feel much more confident and boost your well being.

Connect With Nature

High amounts of work and school can mean very low doses of fresh air and time outdoors. Be sure to connect with the stress relieving aspects of nature. Open the window when possible, and try to exercise outside when you can. Even a quick walk around the block can allow your senses to be refreshed by outside hair and sights and sounds.

Get Organized

It is essential to have all school deadlines and work obligations clearly marked on a calendar. This can be a digital or literal calendar. Choose the one that works best for you and include all dates as soon as you are made aware of them.

Set Priorities

There won’t be time to focus entirely on one course or assignment, so set your priorities and manage your available time accordingly. Be realistic and acknowledge that you are doing the best you can with the time and energy available to you. Students getting online degrees from health information management programs should set strict priorities to get school work completed in a timely manner. While online degrees give you more flexibility with time, it can be easy to procrastinate.

Stay Positive

It can sometimes feel overwhelming to juggle so many tasks and responsibilities. Stay in a positive mind frame by jotting down things that you are thankful for in a notebook, or even simply recording them in your mind. You can even share them by sending a quick text to a friend or family member when you are feeling thankful, and having them do the same for you.

Be proud of your accomplishments and try to stay connected with those around you. Remind yourself that the lifestyle of a working student is temporary and you can make the most of it and learn from it. You will be an even stronger and more capable person moving forward.

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