Laughter: Mother Nature’s Tool To Help You Get Over Things

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By: narayguy
Humans love laughter essentially because it makes us not worry, and when we’re not worrying we perform best. This may be common knowledge. But, what many forget to do is to engage situations which produce laughter. Have a test ahead? Watch a funny video. Worried about what you’ll say to someone important? Picture yourself saying the worst, most retarded thing, and you’ll feel more at ease. These are good tricks to help YOU take yourself less seriously, a key part of getting ahead in life.

Stress and anxiety instead typically come from an overemphasis on reality and on the tasks ahead of us we cannot control. Stress comes from having to conform, from being confined, and suppressed. We feel stressed at work, and in situations where we don’t know what to say or do. Anxiety works the same way – it’s a fear of some future event or occurrence we cannot control. For example a speech, meeting, or a penalty kick in soccer.

Why does laughter make us feel better? Humans laugh, so do other animals, and for some odd reason, we like it. Perhaps, because laughter is the opposite of stress. When we laugh, we are focusing on something absurd, usually something apart from reality. Like a strange action someone or something does, a weird voice, or just the thought of carrying out an action. By laughing, you are improving not only your moment, but your health, your mindset, and thus your chances of success and whatever lies right ahead of you.

Don’t question it, just let yourself laugh. Remember the old saying: “The most wasted day of all is the one without laughter.”
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