From Student to Leader: Lessons Learned in Living the Greek Life

Is it about what or whom one knows regarding success in business and life? 

It’s difficult to assess.  Each person’s journey is relative, but a mixture of skills and social circles help those searching for friendship, guidance, and professional and social assistance.

Students entering college consider participating in a number of established sororities and fraternities.  ‘Greek life’ is a college experience provided to those who seek brother and sisterhood.  Aside from a myriad of social and intellectual experiences the average college student encounters, Greek members enjoy an intimate microcosm of being a part of a family with benefits.

Impressive Statistics

Where do former sorority and fraternity members place within society after graduation?  Feast your eyes on the following impressive trajectories of Greek grads.

–       40 of 47 Supreme Court Justices since 1910 have been Greek members

–       All but 3 U.S. Presidents have been fraternity men since 1825

–       80% of Fortune 500 executives are former Greek grads

–       Over 2/3 of those in ‘America’s Most Who’s Who’ are Greek

Successful Roots

Greek society is often referred to as brother and sisterhood societies, where members think, act, and refer to others as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters.’  The community-based structure helps members flourish while attending college, receiving support from brothers and sisters, as well as post graduation.  Greek societies help grads build resumes, find dream jobs, and field future opportunities.

Financial management, conflict resolution, public relations, and other services and insights are provided to members who seek success in business and society.

Extended Network

Greek graduates comprise a robust network of volunteers, spanning a variety of industries and efforts.  Fraternities and sorority members and grads provide 10-million hours of volunteer work per year, lending help to senior citizens, raising funds for sick children, and collecting food and provisions for the homeless.

Experience in establishing and prolonging a helpful society lends members’ insight and assistance to a number of larger social causes.

Equal-Opportunity Housing

Fraternities and sororities, opening doors to potential members of all backgrounds and aspirations, provide and own over $3 billion in housing assets, costing the American tax payers nothing while housing tomorrow’s leaders.   More than 250,000 students take residence in over 8,000 facilities.


Well-rounded leaders excel in the boardroom and ball field (or chosen exercise-related venue).  While augmenting social and academic endeavors, Greek societies also offer a number of exercise and athletic opportunity.  It’s difficult to find a large number of people readily available to play a number of intramural games, but Greek societies often play one another in a range of sports, making regular exercise a convenience and pleasure.

To procure commitment, fraternities and sororities find a custom Greek apparel printer to customize team uniforms.

Academic Aides

Most college failure is due to a lack of focus rather than an inability to grasp course material.  A lone student is left to balance social urges with academic needs.  While frat and sorority membership offers many hours of social engagement, members also provide social assistance to one another.  Members know those who have taken or currently taking the same courses in addition to immediate access to tutors, study buddies, and a support group.

Great leaders need support to facilitate proper growth and prosperous evolution.  The academic supplements awarded to brothers and sisters increases academic motivation and excellence.

Jaime Sunday is a veteran business woman and sorority leader. She enjoys blogging about paths to success.

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