Honest College Top-10s: Milking Your Lectures

Learn as much as the kids in front.

By: Narayguy (founder)

It’s a proven fact that college students are more engaged in their lectures during the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes.

Does this mean that professors say the most important pieces of information during these times? Nope.

Here are some tips to help you extract the most out of your lectures:

1)  Don’t try to take down everything in your notes, you’ll get bored quickly.

2)  Keep a pen and notebook handy, and jot down definitions or equations you find confusing or particularly hard to memorize. You already know more than you think, and you’ll learn about a lot more if you don’t waste your time just copying everything that’s written.

3)  Bring a note-taking gadget of your choice to class.

4)  Sit close to the front of the classroom. It can be tempting to sit far back, but we all know these kids get the lower grades come test time. Plus, you’re paying to be in that classroom or lecture hall.

5)  Force yourself to ask a pointed question every lecture. This not only makes you stay in tune with the discussion, but will put your face and voice in the professors mind. They’re in charge of your grades.

6)  Always listen for keywords like upcoming quiz, exam, or paper. These come at the end of class, and should be written down.

7)  Make 1-2 friends for the sake of studying with; don’t roll into class with your entire sports team and occupy the same row. The kid who wants to listen least will distract everyone else.

8)  Take time after class to contact your professor with questions, they often love to help.

9)  Learn the best study methods for YOU, and practice them often.

10)  Turn your phone off, come on, its a short period of the day and you are paying to be there.


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2 thoughts on “Honest College Top-10s: Milking Your Lectures

  1. it does, and a lot of students I see around campus, at parties, etc just don't value their education enough. there's no excuse for not trying hard, in my opinion

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