Honest (Lecture) Pranks: The Golf Outing Gone Wrong

By: Narayguy (founder)

Timing in life can be everything.

If you pitch your genius idea to your boss while he or she’s upset, it might hit them the wrong way and be spoiled forever. Same goes for college pranks. This one, if you can call it a prank, seriously came at the wrong time.

Thinking back on my college experiences, I once staged a prank for my Physics of Heavens and Earth class: a classic joke of a science credit fulfillment where we learned how to calculate density, and acceleration. Outbreaks of loud laughter were common in class. My prank? The epic, passed down, golfer prank.

Here’s how it’s done:
Two guys, one dressed as a caddy and the other as the golfer, enter the auditorium from the top stairway. Before entering, the caddy tosses a golf ball down the aisle. So the students sitting in class just see a golf ball go slowly tumbling down the aisle, confused as to where it came from. Then, the golfer steps into the auditorium and asks (loudly to the professor) if he can “play through”? The caddy then emerges behind the golfer, totally convinced they are just playing through a rough patch, not an college auditorium. He silences the crowd as the golfer deliberates at length, then finally puts.

My version didn’t go so well. The professor, an old Indian man, was already so aggravated by the usual disruptions from students that when the golfers entered mid-lecture, he was totally astounded. He pulled out a camera, and literally charged up the aisle at the innocent clubsmen, who got as far as, “looks like a fair day to me, eh?” before being chased out and threatened with expulsion. I think the prank would have been better on a Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Honest (Lecture) Pranks: The Golf Outing Gone Wrong

  1. Umm yeah i did the golf prank to my boss on a Monday and he loved it!

    That video is great. The kid "overly- yawning" was a reoccurring prank, and the prof finally snapped… wonder if the teacher was reprimanded? I kinda feel like that teacher had the right to react that way, although its horrible PR for Cornell.

  2. I'm in love with a stripper

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    Such an Andy Bernard move. I love how the prof follows up his rage with a "by the way if anyone anonymously wants to tell me"

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