5 Life Investments College Students Overlook

This is a guest post by content publisher D. Smith.

Most  college students have their focus on sports, studying and of course  hanging out with their friends. College students tend to over look life  investments that they should really be looking into.  Life investments  made early on in life, especially in their college years, can create a  future of stability and create more satisfaction. Some life investments  that a college student should look in to are mutual funds, stocks, life  insurance, Roth IRA and a down payment on their first home.

Mutual Funds

One of the best investments a college student can do is invest in a  mutual fund. Each mutual fund will have a fund manager. The fund manager  will help create a better performance of the fund. This is a full time job for the manager. This way the college  student will be able to still devote time to what they need to do and  still have an investment going, to create a more solid future.

Stock Investments

Stock investments can be a great investment for a college student that  has some time to learn the process. This creates access to multiple  income streams for the college student early on. Creating multiple  income streams early will help give the student more stability while  looking for employment after college and throughout their life.  Stock  investments also allow the student to learn more about how investments  and the financial side of business.

Life Insurance

It is never too early in life to purchase life insurance. Life insurance  is a safety net for the families and dependents of the student. This should be something the student should buy even more if they are already a parent because it provides a safety net for the families and dependents. When life insurance is bought early it is less expensive. Depending on the policy, many different accidents can be covered. Since  most of us will never know what takes us off this Earth, it is the best to have a policy that covers a variety of accidents and conditions.

Roth IRA The Roth

IRA is a great for any college student to start up. A Roth IRA  will give the student a place to hold their long-term investments for  retirement. Even if the savings is very small, the amount will add up  over the years. Once the person has graduated from college and put in  time in their career, they could have a nice retirement fund that has  been built up.

Purchasing a Home

Maybe the college student won’t purchase the home while in college, but  this is a good time to start building a down payment. If they just took a  small percentage of their earnings at their summer or part time job, it  will add up. This is something that can be added into the stock  investments or into the mutual fund option. No matter what route they  take, it is important for the college student to learn how to save and  invest.

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