7 Killer LinkedIn Tips for Recent College Grads

If you’re a fresh college or university graduate, or close to becoming one, you might have spent a lot of time on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

While going through various social media channels, you might have heard about LinkedIn. A professional network for individuals who are serious about job search and career planning.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, that helps you stay in touch with your family and friends, LinkedIn is an extremely useful professional platform that helps you connect with your fellow university or college alumni, meet professionals in your field, create your own personal brand, and build your own professional network. It helps you become a successful working individual from being an average college or university grad. As a managing editor & consultant at Assignment Labs, here I am giving some useful LinkedIn tips for fresh graduates that will help them connect with new people in no time:

1.       Create An Attractive Profile Headline

Always create a catchy and inspiring headline for your profile. When you create a profile on LinkedIn, it sets your current position as your headline by default. Never say that you’re a fresh grad. Change the default headline to something that displays your unique selling point or what you have to offer to the employers. For example, you can state that you’re a “Psychology Graduate” or an “Aspiring Marketer.” Create such a headline that communicates what you do or what you are best at.

2.       Include Keywords

Include keywords in your LinkedIn profile so that employers who are on the lookout for capable individuals can find you easily. It is advisable to use keywords that describe your work or are related to your field. The more industry-related keywords you use in your profile, the more chances you’ll have of getting your profile noticed by recruiters.

3.       Personalize Your URL

New grads who are using LinkedIn often ignore the significance of a personalize URL of their profile. Personalizing your web address helps bring more employers to your profile.

4.       Upload A Professional Profile Picture

Remember that LinkedIn is NOT Facebook, so having a picture of you partying with friends isn’t at all a good fit here. Choose an appropriate professional profile picture with an appropriate background for your LinkedIn profile. Employers are likely to make assumptions on your photos so make sure you upload a good one.

5.       Highlight Your Skills And Achievements

Do brag about your skills and achievements. Now LinkedIn has introduced a new “skills section” that allows users to add their skills, achievements and certifications. With the help of this section, employers can search for a combination of skills that you probably might have. To make your profile a bit more visual and attractive, you can add links and share your presentations to display your achievements.

6.       Join Discussion Groups

It is important for the new grads to join discussion groups on LinkedIn. Joining discussion groups and participating in discussions lets you meet professionals and career counselors who can give you valuable career advice and help you with your job search. There are a variety of different groups on LinkedIn related to college and university alumni, industries and associations. LinkedIn automatically suggests groups for you based on your profile.

7.       Request For Recommendations And Endorsements

Ask your university and college professors to recommend you and endorse your skills through LinkedIn. Recommendations and endorsements add credibility to your profile. If you have done an internship in the past and have made a good impression on your employers, then ask them too for a recommendation.

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