Make an Online Store, GoDaddy Website and WordPress Website (New Tutorials for 2018!)

Hello Honest College Readers!

Just a headers up on what’s new at our YouTube channel and over at our sisters website, Why, you ask? Because we’ve been learning how to create some amazing websites and blogs with WordPress!

Most recently, we saw how to create an online store in WordPress (a traditional eCommerce website which where you sell any product you want). Before that we learned how to make a WordPress website in 6 minutes, and before that how to make a WordPress site in an hour. Can’t forget our GoDaddy WordPress website updated video. So we got you covered for however long you can stand us! 🙂

Let’s start with how to create an online store eCommerce Website in WordPress tutorial here:

Next, a graceful transition to our 6 minute website tutorial:

And lastly, how to make a WordPress website at Godaddy updated:

If you want to build a WordPress blog that someday becomes a successful blogging endeavor, setup a GoDaddy website to take it all the way and make an online store, these videos are your ideal place to start. Great for everyone from smallscale bloggers to medium-large business owners and everyone in between. Thanks so much for reading and being a member of our community!

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