Why You Should Travel to Manchester for Your MBA

In common with most high end qualifications, where you choose to study for an MBA can be an important part of how much the end results can help you to achieve your goals.

The world of business is a highly competitive one, and it should be no surprise that the institutions which offer MBAs are in a battle to secure the brightest and best candidates as students. The fact that almost all of those who study for an MBA are already well on their way to being high achievers means that the choice of where to study takes on even greater significance.

Of course, there is an international aspect to all sides of business in the 21st century, and this applies to the qualifications that can be gained to help people realise their ambitions.


A Masters in Business Administration is one of the most prestigious and sought after of all the postgraduate degrees. With a wide selection of courses that can cover a great deal of ground over various disciplines, from the theory and application of business and management principles to ‘real world’ applications in real time, it can make the choice of where to study a daunting one.

An MBA has proven potential to help you achieve higher salaries and better positions in your ongoing career, and in many cases it is a basic requirement for many executive and senior management positions.

The Manchester Business School

In the UK, the largest campus-based business and management school is located in Manchester. Founded in 1965 and therefore one of the two oldest schools of its kind in the country, The Manchester Business School (or simply MBS) is recognised for its original thinkers and a long a history of research excellence.

Ranked first in the UK for business research, MBS is part of a small and select band of institutions worldwide which are accredited by all three major bodies – AACSB International, AMBA and EQUIS. The international status of the school is important, with an extensive global network that includes an on-the-ground presence in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and the USA.

Studying for an MBA in Manchester means gaining your qualifications from a school that is ranked fifth in the UK by the Financial Times survey. The respected Forbes survey, which ranks business schools on their “return on investment” (ROI) via a survey of salaries of past students, ranked the MBA Manchester course fifth in the world based on these criteria.

Choosing to study in Manchester means being at the centre of what is emerging as the media hub of the UK. The Media City complex now accounts for a significant amount of the output from the BBC, and an increasing number of international companies are choosing to be based in the city.

This is a guest post by content publisher Tom Grant.

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