Meet Amol Mody

College/Year: Upcoming Freshmen at Northwestern University

Major: Undecided; Something in Social Sciences.

Interests: I’m in Student Senate, Model UN, Peers with Impact, Wrestling, and more. My interests include old and new rap and R&B; music, DJing, occasional reading, community involvement, and recreational sports. I love to play soccer, tennis and basketball. I’m also a HUGE Chicago Bulls fan.

Honest/fun fact: I have abnormally long limbs. You would have to see them to see what I mean. I’ve also been a vegetarian since birth (To all the carnivores with theirs jaws hanging, it’s really not that bad.)

Other writing work/experience: I have written a couple articles for I’m in AP English if that counts for anything. (No? Damn.) Some say my tweets are eloquently written(@DeeJayMody).

Ideal job: Coldstone (I feel like it would be a lot of fun to mash up ice cream all day.)

(About the picture: The image is kind of intense. It’s me giving an impromptu speech in front of 600 people at a Model UN convention.)

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