MindMaple Visual Organizer Is Your Edge in Group Projects

Article by Narayguy — Looking for a good way of mapping out your upcoming project, paper, or event? Look no further than the new tool MindMaple we’re reviewing right here.

MindMaple was designed with a simple concept in mind: that thoughts and ideas are best organized visually and branch off from a central topic. In complex group projects ideas can get so detracted from the initial goal that it’s helpful to know, and see, where you began, and that’s where MindMaple shines. It helps you keep track of where you ideas came from, and how they’ve progressed, in a clear visual display.

Sure, we all know how to make outlines and simple diagrams from middle school, but MindMaple takes the concept to an advanced level. Taking notes becomes easy with clearly layed out relationships, subtopics, and accompanying pictures, and it’s no challenge at all to plan an event for your organization.

>Note taking with MindMaple

>Event planning with MindMaple

Perhaps the best part of all, MindMaple is free! You can download the Lite version, or pay for MindMaple Pro if you’re needs require. College students are among the shrewdest of all humans, and certainly know how to save. If you’re in need of a good project organization tool and are on a budget (almost all of us are) then head over to MindMaple for a free test.

Article by Narayguy

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One thought on “MindMaple Visual Organizer Is Your Edge in Group Projects

  1. Looks like a great product and another one to test out. Hopefully this will be one free version that will entice me to purchase the full scale paid version. It’s nice to see another competitor on the market.

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