7 Moving-to-College Tasks Your Guidance Counselor Forgot to Mention

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This is a guest post by Kevin Hagan from Transit Systems.

Tips for incoming students are available from almost everywhere – friends, parents, guidance counselor, you name it. Some are practical, such as “Pack your winter coat.” And some are kind of profound, such as “These will be the best years of your life.” (Which is absolutely true, by the way.) Here are seven items to check off the list that are too often left unmentioned.

1. Make list of what to pack.
Packing itself is not a checklist item. If you need to write “make sure to pack” on a pre-moving checklist, you probably should not be going to college at all. But do assign yourself the task of making a packing list, starting with that winter coat. Otherwise you will forget at least one item that is crucial to your mental and/or physical well-being, such as your iPod or beer bong.

2. Secure your bedroom from invasion.
Your little brother or sister WILL explore your room while you’re gone. That’s okay, you’re way too mature to care about that sort of thing anymore. But do stop and think before you leave, “Is there anything here I absolutely don’t want him or her to mess with?” If so, either take it along it or buy yourself a lockbox.

3. Learn laundry.
If you’ve escaped laundry duty at home up to this point, congratulations. But now it’s time to learn how to separate the delicates, work the dials, and measure out the right amount of soap.

4. Tell your relatives your address.
Your aunts, uncles and even grandparents probably have email. Maybe they’re on Facebook too. So why would they need your physical address? Well, have you ever received a birthday check via email? Not trying to sound materialistic here, just saying you don’t want to deprive your favorite relatives of the joy of giving if they are so inclined.

5. Buy food and beverages for the drive.
Most non-commuting students go to school between 30 minutes to four hours from home by automobile. If you can’t go 30 minutes without a snack, walk to college, because you’re probably overweight. But four hours on the road? That requires sustenance.

6. Reserve a truck.
It’s not likely you’ll need a rental truck for the move. But if you do, reserve it ahead of time, especially if you’re moving on a weekend. BTW, if one or more of your high school classmates is going away to the same school, renting a truck together can actually save money. Plus you may be able to convince the ‘rents to stay home, and thus avoid the horribly clichéd, tearful, on-campus goodbye.

7. Prepare to vote.
You did register to vote the day you turned 18, right? Then get an absentee ballot from your local registrar, or change your registration to your new address. What? You didn’t register yet? Do it now. Seriously. This is important. You’re not a kid anymore.

This guest post was provided by Kevin Hagan of Transit Systems, one of the nation’s leading residential and commercial long distance moving companies. TSI specializes in cross country moving, and can assist you with your move to college. For more information about TSI, visit TransitSystems.com or follow TSI on Twitter @TransitSystems.

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