Regretting Moving Home for the Summer? Let’s Rub it in

Many of us college students ask the question, “Should I move back home for the summer or stay at the college”?

Many factors that influence this decision will most likely include summer school, summer job, financial reasons, or wanting to spend time with the parents. As a recent college student, whenever making tough decisions I like to create a pro’s and con’s list. Here is my personal list of pros and cons for moving home for the summer.


  • No rent or search – When moving home for the summer and assuming that you are moving home with the parents, there is no need to pay rent or find a place to live. Many other college students move home for the summer so finding a summer roommate can be difficult.
  • Visiting people – This is an opportunity to keep your relationships strong with your parents, family members, and old friends.
  • Meals – Free homemade meals are a no brainer, especially when they are free.
  • Bathroom – Having a clean private bathroom without worrying about other people’s bad hygienic habits is a plus.
  • Rest the mind and body – This is a chance to give both your mind and body a break from late night studying and late night partying.
  • Get to drive again – If you do not have a car in college, here is a chance to get back at the wheel.


  • Chores – Most likely when moving home your parents will ask you to help around the house and expect your living area to be clean at all times.
  • Nightlife – The nightlife at home is going to include mommy calling you every night wondering when you will be home. Sorry guys and girls, coming home at 3am in the morning is probably not going to fly.
  • Moving – If you are going home for the summer then it is likely that either you will have to move yourself and rent a truck or hire movers. In any case, some planning and preparation will be required.
  • Job – If you have a job in college then the employer may require you to quit and re-apply in the fall.
  • A step back – When you move back home for the summer it may feel like taking a step back. Just when you get the feeling of freedom and growth, moving back home with the parents can bring adulthood to a pause.

Many college students move several times during their 4 or even 5 year stay. As a recent college student myself, I found that renting a truck and moving myself was more affordable and convenient then hiring movers.

Timothy Patrick is a relocation adviser and writer for Movers-Moving.NET an online marketplace for hiring professional movers.

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One thought on “Regretting Moving Home for the Summer? Let’s Rub it in

  1. I’m at home for the summer and I must say it’s not as bad as I though it would be, everything is calm, I’m getting a rest from all the pressure… I don’t have to spend so much lol, think that’s my favorite 😀

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