Nalbandian Injures Official in Queens Club Tennis Final, Loses Match

Disbelief: The Argentine stands in awe of his destruction and the judge's injury

Article by Narayguy Update: Match photos

LONDON, June 17th 2012 — Astonishing news from the London All Englad Queens Club, in this Sunday’s final match. Nalbandain, up one set winning the first 7-6, was broken to go down 3-4 in the second set vs Marin Cilic. After playing several amazing points which he WON, Nalbandian seemed on a nice tear to breakdown Marin Cilic and win the second set for a straight set victory.

The Argentine had thrown lobs up, and had even fallen to the grass, gotten up, and won a point to break Cilic in the previous game.

But with intense happiness apparently comes breakouts of utter and inexplainable rage, because in the next game, after being broken by the Croat, Nalbandian really blew it. He had thrown his rackets in the previous two points, receiving code violations, but we, and surely the English crowd who had likely paid hundreds or thousands of pounds to see this match, could not have seen this one coming.

Nalbandian was broken, then kicked the side line officials wooden box (why do they have these anyways?) in so hard that it broke the wood and sent a chunk of wood INTO THE LINE JUDGES SHIN. The judge jumped up, astonished, and then revealed the blood on his leg to the opponent. Commercials then came, and went the match resume, the Head Chair Umpire announced the match was over in favor of Marin Cilic.

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The Head Chair could have just given Cilic the set levelling the match and surely pleasing the crowd a bit more, as they didn’t even know what had happened. But as is the case in tennis, and other sports, deliberately injuring and official = you’re outta here! And in tennis, you’re outta here means game over.

Article by Narayguy

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