A Night Out While Sober

“Is this what it’s like all the time?”

This is the question I asked myself last night as I sipped on my second cup of Powerade. With the conference championship approaching for my track team, our team has entered our 3-week “dry period” where we have to cease all consumption of alcohol until after the meet.

This is the second time I’ve been a part of this 3-week dry period (we had to do the same thing during the winter season). Last night, I went out with a few teammates and was reminded of what it is like to go out while sober.

The night started with a classic pregame in my boy Scott’s room. Even though not all of us would be drinking, there was no need to violate a Saturday night tradition. I posted up on the couch and DJed, playing some 2000s R&B; staples like “Yeah!” and “Get Low” while my friend Steve went with other party classics like “Con Te Partiró” and “A Whole New World.”

As the pregame went on and a couple of our female friends who didn’t have the same obligations as we did continued to drink, it became painfully obvious who was sober and who was not.

 Some of the highlights:

  • I had “YOLO!” shouted in my face ~400 times before we even left the pregame. 
  • I endured repeated disrespectful requests to change the song. (Can you believe that? I was playing only the hits.) 
  • I heard the same story about our senior track teammate’s attempt at a threesome about four times in 15 minutes. 

While there is more to tell, it would be unfair to single out our dear friends at the pregame. More was to come at the party itself, including:

  • I drank a fair amount of Powerade in place of beer. While I was extremely hydrated, it wasn’t quite the same effect. 
  • Beer was spilled on me by an unapologetic lax bro, only this time I actually noticed and was fairly annoyed. 
  • I felt extremely tired and wanted more than anything to sleep by the time it hit 1 AM. 

The moral of the story is that there are few things more annoying than being sober at a college party. While it can definitely be funny to observe the debauchery and craziness around you, it’s extremely easy to become exasperated with the behavior of your peers, which becomes a lot more noticeable when you haven’t had anything to drink.

 My friends will tell you that last night as the night went on I became far more sarcastic than usual towards those sporting a high level of obnoxiousness.

While I certainly wouldn’t say that you need to drink in college to have fun, I applaud those who are able to go out without drinking, because they put up with a lot. Will I continue to go out during these next two weeks of my dry period? I guess so, but if someone wants to suggest watching a movie or a basketball game, I’m certainly not going to decline.

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One thought on “A Night Out While Sober

  1. I think a lot of people should try this so they can see the behaviors of a drunk person and see how they at when they are drunk. I personally don;t drink but I have incounters with drunk people and it wasn't too pleasant.

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