How an Online Degree Enhances Your Real World Experiences

You’ve probably heard that it pays to get a degree. It’s true. Going to college can qualify you for higher paying jobs. According to, a high school drop out only earns an average of $18,734 annually. A high school graduate, by comparison, earns $27,915 annually. Having a bachelor’s degree allows you to break the $50,000 a year ceiling.

The Value Of Participation

There are so many benefits to getting an online college degree. For starts, there’s participation. Participating in class is one of those unspoken benefits of going for a degree. Most people who attend college end up, at some point, working in groups.

Those groups often have a way of morphing into friendships. Professors also expect you to participate in group discussions, add valuable input, and accept criticism from your classmates. In some classes, you cannot pass without a minimum level of participation.

Participation also broadens and strengthens your understanding of course material. It makes sense that it would too. The more you volunteer answers, are involved in a discussion, and are interacting with other classmates, the more you’ll be immersed in the course material. The more you’re immersed in the course material, the more discussion that takes place, the more you’ll remember.

The Value Of Diversity

Even if you never make friends with your classmates, you’re going to be exposed to different cultures. Those cultures may be very different from yours. That kind of diversity can be very valuable – giving you a different perspective on the world and of the class itself.

For example, let’s say you’re enrolled in a history class. You’re studying a particular part of the world. There’s a student in that class from that particular part of the world. You see, right here you instantly get unique insights to what it’s like to be from this part of the world.

Another example might be a business ethics class. One of your classmates is from China and another is from India. Right there, you have two different perspectives on what constitutes ethical business practices – both India and China have very different customs, even when it comes to transacting business.

The Value Of Tech Literacy

With college degrees come tech literacy. This is most apparent if you take at least one online course. Most distance learning requires that you have a basic understanding of how webcams work, and how to participate in chat interfaces.

Online classes also require you to write and submit documents via the Internet. You may even have correspondence with your professor via Skype or some other online video chat software. The class might be required to participate in a “virtual classroom,” where all students are visible in a chat-style interface.

You’ll probably have to become familiar with proprietary chat software, which will deepen your understanding of how computers work in general. All of this is a good thing, since you’ll probably need to use your new-found skills on the job when you do finally graduate.


Anthony Jensen is in higher education. He enjoys analyzing new trends and how they benefit the student and instructor.

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