Our Holiday Giveaway Ends on Dec 28th!


To Enter (just like in rounds 1 and 2):
  1. Comment on this post. Explain how you would use Adobe’s software to make your holiday season merrier! Use either the Facebook or Blogger commenter. NOTE: Click on the post title to see all previous comments below.
  2. Like us! You must do this! facebook.com/honestcollege We post useful, random, funny crap all the time, and considering all the silly junk you probably like, this shouldn’t be tough 🙂
  3. One commenter will be chosen at random, and awarded their own copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection (It’s worth about $2500 so ughh, yeah, worth a comment and a Like)
  4. Additional entries will be granted for: a Tweet about this contest or a retweet of ours, and the comment with the most Likes.
  5. Round 3: Get your final entry by telling us on Facebook or Twitter which HC post is your fav thus far and why! So, 4 entries possible per person.

Here’s a little review of one of Adobe’s features:

Adobe Illustrator is one of easiest to learn features Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 offers. After just two YouTube tutorials, we were designing decent looking logos and building holiday party invitations. What’s difficult here though, is getting used to the variety of tools and options.

Everyone has used Microsoft Word. It has a relatively easy to understand toolbar that lets you manipulate colors, fonts, tables, widths, margins, etc. In illustrator, the tools are bit more spread out and diverse. But let’s back up and outline what the beginner-intermediate artist can do here:

Vector drawing: Create angles and shapes for logos. Like a palm tree.
Accurate perspective drawing: Up close or long range, angled buildings, entire towns.
Manipulate gradients and transparency: Blending some colors, sharpening others.
Use variable typography, and variable brush styles: Makes your designs look professional

We’ll post a creation of ours soon, but to be completely honest the results at the time are quite below professional looking. Time for some more tutorials!

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13 thoughts on “Our Holiday Giveaway Ends on Dec 28th!

  1. I would use the Creative Suite to not only improve my skills as a designer, but to help various family members with their respective projects. My parents want to open a small, homemade jewelry shop, so I would help them with their logo and possibly the design of their website, if they chose to make one. I have friends in bands who keep asking me to make posters for them, so having the Creative Suite would allow me to do that, too. Up until now they've had to go to people who charge them and then provide poor work. I think having the Creative Suite would allow me to create much better work, at a significantly lower cost (free). I also have projects of my own that I want to get off the ground (as in, I want them to be more than ideas in my head), from websites to possibly a book. I'm a very visual person, and the flow of a project depends heavily, I think, on the initial design.

  2. Winning the Master Collection would not only make my holiday season better but also the students that I will soon be teaching introductory graphic design to in a new after school program we are starting for at risk youths. I believe if we give a child a creative and constructive outlet to release energy, we might be able to save some of the children we are losing to the streets. This will go a long way in helping us reach our goal. We are currently seeking donations for equipment and software to get what we think is a life-saving effort up and going. Thank you for your time.

  3. I'd use it to expand on my usage of Adobe Fireworks. I've used that for quite a while for website layout development in my free time and would love access to the complete collection 🙂

  4. This is what I posted on the Facebook dealio:

    Well…. I enjoy the Adobe CREATIVE Suite 5.5 very much because I use it all the time at work and unfortunately I have CS4 on my home computer. However… I'm not too sure about this "Adobe CREATURE Suite 5.5" (see the first sentence above). BUT — I would benefit from this because I have recently been separated from my husband and it's just my 1 year old and I. I had planned on getting CS5 soon but because of this mishap, I will have to put that off. I very much enjoy using these products, especially Illustrator, because it is extremely fun to manipulate lines and shapes and also photos. There is always something to learn from these programs and they never get boring.

  5. Currently use Adobe Creative Suite CS4, but I would LOVE to have CS5.5 for the design of wall decals and graphics…could use all the new features in my design work. We are on a tight budget, so an upgrade would be so greatly appreciated and EXTREMELY useful at this time. THANK YOU for the contest 🙂 Liked you on FB, will tweet @carolreynolds as soon as I post this. Happy holidays!

  6. Round 3! Are we elegible for another entry if we comment again?

    Anywho, I just got my first DSLR, a Canon T2i! My parents have asked me to take a bunch of Christmas pictures, but some of them need some serious photoshopping to be Christmas Card material! If I won, I would definitely use CS5.5 for that. As far as college goes, I'm seriously involved with com-arts, and I would love to be able to learn and work without being tied to computer lab hours!


  7. I am a junior in high school. This year I am starting my design business. I enjoy doing freelance work in my graphic design class. I want to grow my business, but I am stuck working on a PC. I am saving up for a new Mac, but my software right now is for the PC. I would be able to use to new software to grow my business, and gain real experience in the field before I attend college to study graphic design in two years.

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