Beating Sophomore Slump

The dining hall food now looks like crap. 

December 30 2011
by Sebastian Scholl

For almost everyone in college, at some point the charm seems to fade and you realize the whole experience is not as perfect as you first thought.

Unlike your freshmen year, you start to whittle away friends down to a core group, realizing that many of the relationships you had made in the race for popularity had been fairly shallow.

 Also, your core curriculum starts to seem, once again, routine, like in high school, and your interest in it diminishes. This tends to happen during you sophomore year, and is well known as the sophomore slump.

Don’t worry though! There are ways to help ease this depressing point in your college career, and get your spirits back up.

Some simple ways that can help with switching up your life are:

1) Find a girl/ boyfriend. If you had been living the single life and haven’t been feeling fulfilled, it might be time to commit to something more serious. Plus, having someone to spend meaningful time with is always a great way to boost your spirits.

2) Try getting a job if you don’t already have one. As much as we hate to admit, we tend to get less done when we have too much time on our hands. By getting a job you are occupying your time and mind, giving you less time to lament on the slump.

3)  Try to make new friends! This is the hardest one, but can often be the most helpful. The reason you may not be feeling too hot is because all your obligations and relationships are feeling stale. Start going to a new bar, try joining a different club, maybe even consider transferring schools if you feel there is no hope where you are.

But in short, try to get something fresh in your life and reengage your interests.

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