Traits, Talents and Education for Pharmacy Technicians

This guest post is by Becky Wilcox.

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, and that includes pharmacies. More and more pharmacies are opening up, and more and more technicians are needed. As current technicians move on to bigger and better things, old positions will also open up. If you have considered a career as a pharmacy technician, now is definitely the time to realize your dreams.

Pharmacy technicians are not the same thing as a licensed pharmacist. Instead of measuring and dispensing medications, a technician handles the administrative side of things. The technician may accept a prescription, enter it into the computer, and look it up for a patient. Once filled, the technician may present the patient with the medication and perform the transaction. Technicians also field patient and doctor phone calls and perform any tasks they can without bothering the pharmacist. If advice on a prescription is needed, that information must come from the pharmacist.

There is not nearly as much training necessary to become a pharmacy technician as you have to have to become a pharmacist. In fact, you can become a pharmacy technician rather quickly and easily. You will have to undergo some training, and in some states you may have to pass an exam to become certified and be allowed to work in that state. The training usually lasts no more than one year. During that time you will learn about the math used in pharmacies, record keeping practices, ways of dispensing medications, and the law and ethics surrounding pharmacies.

There are several ways you can get the training you need. You can attend a traditional college that offers the program, or go to a technical school. There are also online courses you can take. Investigate all of your options and weigh them carefully. Check out Sanford Brown programs, as well as other programs in your area and online. Finding a school that is accredited is important, because if they are accredited you will likely be able to apply for financial aid just as you would if you were getting a two year degree. If you qualify financially, you could be given the money to attend school, or you may be able to borrow the money.

There are some traits that are commonly found in successful pharmacy technicians. A strong proclivity for math and science will make for an excellent candidate. Technicians are also typically the first, if not the only, contact that a patient has with the pharmacy. For that reason, you should be outgoing and friendly, and comfortable dealing with people. You will need to be detail oriented as well, because entering a prescription erroneously could cause serious health problems. Finally, you will need to be organized and good at multitasking. Your job as a pharmacy technician will be made up of varying responsibilities and duties, and you must be able to keep up with all of them. If you meet all of these qualifications, you are an excellent candidate for this well paying career field. If not, don’t worry. You can easily develop all of these skills with hard work and dedication.

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