Blackberry’s Fall to Android and iPhone

Article by Ian Kar

Today’s college student is very different from 15 years ago. Nowadays, almost all students have a phone; one of the three popular smartphone brands, Blackberry’s, iPhones, and Androids, and the occasional old-school flip phone. Every phone has their advantages and disadvantages, outlined below.


The formerly most popular phone for college students, Blackberryies have become sort of a rarity on campus. Almost all of the most attractive features for Blackberry’s have been duplicated or bettered by Apple’s iPhone.

The BBM, or Blackberry Messenger, is a free messaging service for only Blackberry users. It was also helpful because it showed if someone had read the message or not, which helped people realized that the person they texted is ignoring them and not just busy and not by their phone.

Also, Blackberry’s were popular in the 2000’s because of their lightning fast email service.

However, iPhones have triumphed both of these features. The increasing popularity of iPhone’s and the decreasing popularity of Blackberry’s, most people’s BBM contacts have diminished significantly in the past year and a half. Also, iMessage is literally the exact replica of BBM, with the added capability to message people from iMessage on their Mac (available in the new OS X Mountain Lion). And the email capabilities have become a standard feature in newer phones.
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The problem is that iPhone’s and Android’s are much faster and don’t freeze up as much as Blackberry’s, and upgrade their operating systems more often, which bring the phones new features for all generations of the phone. Blackberry users are forced to see the slightly older Blackberry’s be left in the dust, while the newer Blackberry’s get updated.

While there are a few Blackberry users between the ages of 18 and 22, most of them are people who are just waiting for their contract to be up so that they can upgrade to one of the quicker, more customer friendly, smart phones.


The second most popular phone for college students, Android’s are essentially a poor man’s iPhone. They have very similar capabilities and features.

Most are touchscreen, have both pre-installed and third-party apps that can greatly expand the functionality of the phone, and a larger screen than the iPhone. Designed by Google, Android newest update, called Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, has some pretty amazing features, like live updates for applications within the icon, facial recognition, and updated web browsing, email, camera, and contact applications, that are more user friendly.

The Android is a little different than the iPhone in terms of a few things. Firstly, the number of apps and their quality differ greatly. While the iPhone and Android have very similar, sometimes the same, apps, the iPhone gets them first a lot of the time, like Netflix, and the apps are a lot more enhanced and smoother than on the Android, like Facebook.

Also, iPhone’s have another advantage when it comes to taking pictures, with a superior camera that takes HD video and high quality pictures. But with 4g, Android phones are a lot faster than iPhones in almost anything you use it for, which is beneficially for students who like the have information in their hands almost instantly. So, while they have very similar features, certain aspects of the Android, like its speed, can make it very desirable for college students.


Anyone in college (or with the internet) knows about the iPhone. The most prevalent phone on college campus’s, iPhone are the best phone for a college student.

Not only do the apps pre-installed on the iPhone are better than the Android’s, but there are third-party apps that can practically serve any need for college students; organizing your schedule, how to mix drinks, where to find cheap off-campus food, or anything else.

iMessage is a new app on iOS 5 that is really useful for college students because it is basically a BBM service for iPhones. The Notification Center and Reminders are also new features that help users view alerts and set reminders for themselves, like assignments or meetings. Facetime also gives iPhone users the ability to communicate via video calling, another plus to the iPhone. And of course, Siri, available on the iPhone 4S, is probably the most well-known feature on the iPhone, and gives the user the ability to essentially control the phone through voice only.

The best thing about iPhone’s is Apple’s ability to continually serve all iPhone users, as opposed to only people who bought the most recent phone. The people at Apple know that iPhone’s are expensive and many people aren’t willing to spend the cash to make the jump from an iPhone 4 to a 4S, where the only benefit will be Siri. They make their updates available to almost all iPhones. For these reasons, I think iPhone’s are the best phones for college students.


This section is for everyone who is in college and has the same phone as a spoiled elementary school student. I know it sucks that you don’t have a phone that is practically a computer, digital camera, calendar, MP3 and video player, etc. in your pocket, but at least you have the ability to text and call people. These phones aren’t all that they’re hyped up to be, it’s a lot worse when you crack the screen of an iPhone or an Android than when you crack the screen of a flip phone. Be glad that you aren’t going to college 15 years ago when practically carried a brick in their pocket.

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4 thoughts on “Blackberry’s Fall to Android and iPhone

  1. I'm definitely a huge fan of the iPhone – the Notability app that was released recently is getting great reviews from a lot of college students.

    There are a few phones recently released, like ATT's One X that really has me looking in the Android selection. If the next iPhone doesn't have LTE, then I'm definitely moving over.

  2. You're a bad dancer, we should go upstairs… It's only one floor away! *~*~*LiV3*~*~* *~*~LaFf~~*~*~~ *~8~~*~~~*lUv *~**<3 <3<3

  3. I have an adroid powered phone at the moment, but am considering switching to the iphone. Not sure if there will really be much of a difference though. It is wild to think that just a decade ago, we didn't really even know what an "iphone" was.

  4. It sounds like the iphone has just took all the features from other phones and put in into one with a lot of other features. I currently have android phone and considering getting an iphone but if a 4G android is faster than I just might stick with the android.

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