How To Pick the Right Topic to Blog About: 3 Proven Steps

What if I told you that the decisions you made today could make you $50,000 richer two years from now? Happier too, and less stressed, and with a greater sense of fulfillment?

You just might listen.

Picking the right topic to blog about before you start a blog is a crucial choice in any career. The problem is we all have multiple talents and it’s terribly tempting to jump into blogging without planning because it really is quite fun.

In this post I’d like to offer you 3 steps (and 3 questions) that have helped me start blogs that I know will be successful. Measure twice, cut once and you’ll watch your blogs rise up quicker than the 100,000 others who start every day.

Step 1) Ask Yourself What Your Passions Are

When you pick the right topic to blog about the first question to ask is “what am I passionate about?” You’ll be writing hundreds of posts going through some ups and downs along the way so you need a solid topic that keeps you energized.

Simple jot down 3-10 of your passions and see which ones jump off the page. Easy enough, eh?

Step 2) See Which Passions Match With What the World Needs

Now it’s time to cut down your list a little bit. The simply reality of blogging is that you will be more successful if you can provide for people and fill a void. In other words, you need to blog about something other people need and this is a cardinal rule.

Example 1: You may love socks, but the world does not need advice on the coolest socks. That is a personal thing.

Example 2: You however may love fitness too. The world will always need fitness tips from someone who cares. Great blog topic.

See how it works?

Using a pen or your notepad or your iPad cross off at least half of your list from Step 1 and now you will begin to see this intersection of what your passions are and what the world needs. Finding this intersection is a minor moment of glory in your blogging career, even though you may not know it! Don’t erase your other passions – they are still important and may come into play as thematic elements in other parts of your writing.

Step 3) Log Onto the Web and Do Some Research

Simply Google searching “blogs on _______” or “best cooking blogs” will yield plenty of lists on major sites like The Huffington Post where the author has selected award winning blogs to browse. Sites create these lists for the sake of traffic like you. Okay, so you can now browse some of the best blogs and see a few things. You want to focus on.

a. Is this topic fully covered?
b. Is this niche saturated (way too many blogs)?
c. Can I add a unique perspective or simple do it better?

Question c is important here because if your blog subject is something very general, but you can do it much better than the competition, you stand to claim a large part of the market share as soon as a few people start noticing what you’re up to.

There is nothing wrong with picking general topics, however, many bloggers find it easier to establish themselves as blogging authorities by choosing highly specific, niche-narrow topics. The reason is they can conquer them and then move on to the broad topics.

What Have You Decided?

Did this 3-step plan help you pick the perfect topic to blog about? We’ve been around the blog and back with good and bad topics. Let us know in the comments!

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