The Pinterest and Stumbleupon Obsession

This post is by the Honest College intern Aspen Evans.

What’s the Obsession with Pinterest and StumbleUpon?

The concept of social media has flourished since the days of Internet’s inception. With new sites popping up nearly every month under the radar, it’s no wonder we have a hard time keeping up with the latest craze. It went from MySpace, to Facebook and Twitter, and now to Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

Pinterest is essentially a virtual pin board for all your ideas, likes, and creations. You can organize any and everything that has a photo. A few “pinners” that I talked to said, “I have ones for everything!! I have boards for DIY/repurposing projects, home decoration, fashion, food, exercising, travel, party planning, and quotations. There are a lot of people who have boards for cute animals, humor, and weddings, too.” “I love that I can organize all my ideas and things so easily and that they all connect to the websites with the instructions on how to do things, like recipes, workouts, etc.” While countless amounts of the sites users are female, quite a few male users frequent the site as well. Quite a few male friendly alternatives have popped up because of this.

How many times has this lil’ guy been Pinned? Flickr photo

I asked a fellow collegiate “pinner” what the hype was all about with Pinterest. “Well, I have Pinterest and it is just awesome. You don’t always go on it but when you do it takes like 3 hours to get out. It’s so easy to use and everything is so pretty and cute, and you always find something you like, you just keep reposting pictures and organize them into boards that will be so nice. I suggest you get one!”

On the other hand, StumbleUpon is a site that encompasses what this computer savvy generation does on a regular basis. Upon signing up, you pick general or specific themes and topics that interest you and StumbleUpon finds links, videos, photos, shopping pages, ect that correlate to your interest. In the process of that, you end up “stumbling upon” new things that you would never find through ordinary search measures. One user stated, “I really like StumbleUpon. It redirects me to sites randomly according to the interests I listed. It’s a good way to pass some time when you have nothing else to do, and you end up finding very interesting things you wouldn’t have found without it. I found plenty of interesting artsy and inspirational stuff.” While the site is still fairly new in popularity, it has gained a steady following of people looking to find things they have never found.

Through my constant polling, one Facebook user confided, “I don’t get StumbleUpon either, but my roommate swears upon it. I guess it’s good when you’re bored with your usual websites, and it really does bring you to places you would never otherwise find online. She cooks a lot and she uses it to browse food, recipes, etc. to get ideas.” Another StumbleUpon user commented, “STUMBLEUPON IS AMAZING. I find so many interesting sites and things that interest me. It’s like Tumblr for whole sites, without the words.”

Overall, these social media startups have amassed an amazing amount of followers for their unique interfaces. While I may not totally understand the fascination with these sites, as one user states, “Simply put, I find them a reasonable way to spend time when I’m bored, as it can turn out to be both fun and productive.” One can’t argue with that.

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