Going to College? Here is How You Prepare!

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Nygard.

Often students expect college to be an extension of high-school. However, many get a rude shock when they step into college. It is not only a culture-change, but also the first step that students take to becoming a professional. They can always adjust to their college life easier if they had help during their senior year. Senior year in high school is an extremely crucial period. This is when students have to decide the career path they are going to take. There are very few teens who decide on what they are going to do. If you have an undecided teen and if he is in his senior year, then here are a few things you should do:

Make a list of colleges:


Ask your off-spring about the possible interests and subjects he wishes to pursue if the he hasn’t chosen a career yet. Accordingly, make a list of possible colleges so that you will have back-up options when a school doesn’t work. Balance the colleges you choose. For example, choose 2 colleges that will offer seats for sure and 2 colleges that could be ne a far reach. Before you start to apply, ensure you have valid reasons for applying to these colleges apart from the safety factor. Look for colleges that have a good track records of providing graduate programs to the students they take in.

Visit the college campuses personally:

A graduation school might have a good name or could be one of the oldest colleges in the county. Don’t get deceived by the brands name. However popular the college is, make it a point to visit the campus and talk with students and professors to get a fair idea about the various graduation programs offered. Usually, when you talk to a group of students under various graduation programs, you will get a fair idea about the particular school.

Look out for scholarships:

Higher education is only a dream for many mainly due to the price tag that comes attached with it. However, there are myriad scholarships out there that many tend to overlook. Start looking for possible scholarships when your child decides on a graduation program. Internet always comes in handy for such research. You can contact the colleges on your list and ask them about the possible scholarships they offer for the current academic year. Apart from the scholarships offered by colleges, there are myriad outside options through governments, organizations, and businesses. A lot of times, such outside scholarships are cancelled due to lack of applicants.

Check beyond the price:

A private college at times could be an excellent option when compared to other colleges. Often people disregard private institutions because of the expensive package they offer. Nowadays, theses colleges offer net calculators on their websites. You can always calculate the net fees to know the total amount you will be spending. If it is reasonable and if the graduation program offers a solid career, you can always take up an education loan which many banks will be more than willing to offer.

Research about the possible exams:

There are many colleges that don’t go by just the marks your kids get in high school. There might be a string of entrance exams that have to be undertaken to get a seat. Research about these entrances once your child gets into the senior school. It is always better to start in advance than leave it late. Colleges usually have such exams either during senior school or immediately after the final school exams. If there are any added exams, your teen has to prepare for these exams during senior school side-by-side.

These are a few necessary steps if you have a child in the senior school. If you do your research and apply for the right mix of colleges, you are sure to get more than once acceptance letters. Today, there are a lot more options when it comes to colleges and accessible options for finances. Plan out with your child and prepare the education options in advance to avoid last-minute stress.

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