Product Time: Monster Vektrs

Article by Narayguy

Well, new headphones arrived this week in the mail. Courtesy of Monster Cable, these puppies were the newest product delivery to the Honest College doorstep. Just in time too – I needed some noise cancelers for my upcoming 10 hour flight.

And noise cancel they did. As others around me awoke to the loud food cart interuptions and the sweet roars of babies as we climbed altitude, I sat back with a grin and quietly fell asleep to the sounds of my ipod, and no more.The headphones also looked bomb. When I first opened them, I was reminded of one of those stealth aircrafts, the things that were awesome in the 90s and that I’m sure the military still uses right now. They have this terminator esque edgy design that looks really dope in all-black.

The comfort and fit is ridiculous. When you try putting them on, you’ll at first want to put them on backwards. If you read the instructions, you’ll see it says to look at the “L” and “R” on each headphone, and you might think, duh. But you need to. When you realize this and put them on the right way, your ears will thank you because of the insanely snug, comfortable fit you feel.

As I exited my flight feeling rested and full, I kept the Monster Headphones on for all around me in customs and immigration to observe. And believe me, I turned heads. It might have been my distinctly American swag, but I think it was the fresh little chicken nuggets bumping tunes on my head.

Article by Narayguy

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