6 Things Most College Students Overlook When Purchasing a New Car

This is a guest post by content developer Amanda Brown.

Purchasing a new car? Don’t be dazzled by the shiny new paint, the sweet-smelling interior, all those extra features and the fast dealer double-talk. Pay attention to the 6 things most people overlook when buying a new car.

Look Past the Prettiness

If you’re buying a new car, of course the look and the lines of the vehicle are important. You want it in a color you enjoy, with all those features that will keep you comfortable. But look past all that to more important things.

  • Safety ratings: Look up safety information on the car you’re buying, and don’t take the dealer’s word for it. Use the Internet to find crash test ratings for any car you’re seriously considering.  Car magazines will also give you lots of safety information about cars.
  • Insurance: Don’t forget that you won’t just pay for the car – you need insurance as well. Certain factors make car insurance more expensive. Did you know car color can raise your rate? Lack of an anti-theft device will make payments higher as well. Consult with your car insurance provider to get an idea of how much you’ll be paying for your new car before you get locked into any deals.
  • Fuel: How much are you going to spend on gas? Some cars need a higher-grade of fuel (more expensive) to run every day, and everyone knows that some cars are much more fuel-efficient than others.

Master Money-Saving Tips

Make smart decisions when shopping for and purchasing a new car, and you’ll save more money.

  • Seasonal shopping: Shop for your new car when the dealerships are offering the biggest savings and have the most new cars to push. Wait for the winter holidays, and you’ll save more money when buying a new car. Late September is also great for car-shopping. This is when new cars arrive at dealerships, so they need to sell their inventory.
  • Say no: Don’t ever take a first offer. Don’t even take a second offer. When negotiating with a dealer, don’t be afraid to walk away at any time and don’t ever hesitate to say “no.” They want your business, remember, and they can always offer you a better deal. If they can’t, find a different dealer who will. There are definitely plenty to choose from. You can always consider buying used, instead of new, to save even more money. Used Chrysler Jeep or Dodge at www.sportdurstcdj.com/pre-owned vehicles have all the features of a new car, but at a more affordable price.
  • Keep it like new: Once you buy your new car, keep it looking and feeling like a brand-new vehicle to continue enjoying it for as long as possible.  Use compressed air to clean out the vents often, eliminating dust and dusty smells. Clean with solvents that are not acid-based to avoid doing damage. And when possible, wash your car by hand to keep it clean and sparkling. If you keep your new car looking newer longer, you’ll get more money when you re-sell it.

Don’t overlook the little details when purchasing a new car. Pay attention to what’s important, think about the total car package and make a better buying decision.

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