Thank Your Professors Publicly for Helping You Succeed!

This is a guest post by Sean O’Connell from Questia.

Two contests that are currently accepting nominations, allow for students and teachers to thank the educators and faculty that have helped them achieve greatness this year.  America’s Top TA, sponsored by CengageBrain and the 2013 Most Valuable Professor, sponsored by Questia.

These two contests give students a platform to express gratitude for the hard work and dedication that their Teachers and Teachers Assistants have committed.

America’s Top TA

Teachers Assistants are the go to resource for college students at a loss.  Students looking for guidance will often turn to their teachers assistants instead of their teachers and in many cases develop personal relationships with their TA’s that wouldn’t have been possible with the professor of a large class.

The America’s Top TA competition lets students nominate their TA’s and share a personal story of how they went above and beyond for their students.  Three winning TA’s will be announced as America’s Top TA’s and will have scholarships offered in their name.

You can nominate your TA through the Facebook App:

2013 Most Valuable Professor

Great professors are what define a good education.  Professors that inspire and motivate their students to learn and build upon the material are the professors that stimulate innovation and push students to excel. Few and far between, truly great professors are gifts to universities and the students that attend them.

The 2013 Most Valuable Professor Competition lets students nominate the professors that have inspired them.  Three winning professors will be announced during teacher appreciation week towards the end of May and they will get scholarships offered in their name.

You can nominate your Professor through the Facebook App:

Once your nominations are in don’t forget to vote and spread the word to your classmates so that they can vote as well!

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