Recession Proofing Your First Date

New York City’s High Line: free, romantic, historic,
aesthetically pleasing…

By: Michael BYC (relationships)

The world around us is pretty bad.

Kids are coming out of college with a number of letters after their name, yet they have a hard time making money. 

Things are getting expensive and frugality is the key at the present moment.

However we all understand that dating can be expensive. Let’s be honest, most girls expect the guy to pay. It has been ingrained into their very psyche.

“I spend money getting dolled up and he’s gotta spend money on dinner” is the mentality I’ve run into.

Even if a girl is willing to Dutch it up, let’s be honest. Money is tight on her end as well.

You can’t invite a girl over for a home cooked meal on the first date because its way too intimate and she’ll be on guard. Commit to memory: the more public a place the easier it is for a girl to relax.

Inviting over a girl for Netflix on a first date. Yeah. Ok.

Hash out the Game Plan. You can go out for drinks, but that bar tab will rack up quickly and there’s another problem: bars and lounges tend to be loud. Hard to get to know someone when you’re both straining to hear each other over the music.

Dinners get expensive. However price aside the table is a physical barrier. You’ll most likely end up looking straight at each other which is reminiscent of an interview rather than a laid back date. Also waiters will interrupt and you will cause awkwardness when the bill comes. Unless you’re poor and smooth. Rare.

I’m going to solve all your problems right now.

The Rules:

  1. Free or very cheap (museums, awesome parks (ex: NYC’s Highline)).
  2. Take the lead in planning.
  3. Something you want to do.

Those are the only rules you need to follow if you want a slick first date. I would reiterate that the most important rule is the third one. Keep with me for a moment.

I have never met a girl who knew exactly what she wanted to do. Not sexist, truth. How many times have you had this experience:

You: So what do you want to do?
Her: I don’t know, pick something?
You: Anything in particular?
Her: I don’t know.

Infuriating. Avoid it at all costs because you’ll just end up looking like a chump because you will give off the vibe of indecisiveness. Always have a plan. More importantly, invite her into your world.

A girl learns about you by experiencing the world with you. She doesn’t care about what you say, but how you say it and how you show it. Confusing. Keep with me.

Show her what you are about. If you love airplanes take her to a place where they renovate airplanes. If you love nature, show her your favorite spot and if you love weed then spark one up with her.

I’m a huge fan of ice skating so when winter comes I’ll bring a girl along.

Why. If the date doesn’t work out because you guys don’t mesh, you haven’t wasted time doing something that you don’t enjoy.

Now that you’ve thought of something that you enjoy doing you will most likely realize that the things you love are a lot cheaper then any other first date ideas you have.

I love museums, art galleries in particular. They always are either free to students or open for a low price. I still use my old College ID to get in.

Nature is always free and with enough inspiration you’ll find a great spot of your own.

Be creative. I once took a girl on a 3 hour long date exploring various neighborhoods because I enjoy knowing my surroundings. We talked about the architecture, hung out in a park, people watched, and at one point fed the homeless.

There is no formula to a first date. However make it about her getting a glimpse into who you are. It will help you two determine if you’re attuned much quicker.

Do what you like. Allow her into your world. In terms of cash value: less is more.

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2 thoughts on “Recession Proofing Your First Date

  1. It isn't that girls don't know what they want to do. They know what THEY want to do, they just don't want their date to disagree with them and things to get started on the wrong foot. It's nice when a guy has one or two ideas, that way you can have some input without getting stuck doing something you dislike.

    Alternatively, you could just date women with opinions.

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