Room Draw at Princeton University

27 March 2012 
by Peter Bransfield
Students at Princeton battle for nice courtyards like this one.

With great power comes great responsibility. That fateful time of year has finally arrived at Princeton. Room draw.

You’ve gathered a group of trusted companions you want to live with, or perhaps chosen to fly solo. While so much planning goes into choosing your roommates, whether you’ll have a shot at a good room is decided by the whims of a computer.

I myself gathered three of my boys and prepared for battle, and by prepared for battle I mean allowed my friend Drew to handle submitting our names into the system and waited to hear the news.

Knowing my luck, I figured we’d receive a pretty bad draw time and would be relegated to choosing the lamest quad available in Wilson, our residential college.

But, as I do whenever a situation is out of my hands, I spent days meditating and listening to the melodious and haunting sounds of Lil B the Based God. And when he said, “Girlfriend look like Ellen, chain like Degeneres,” I knew that the odds were in our favor.

Inevitably, I forgot what day we would find out about our draw time, but I received a friendly text that said “Congrats on the sick draw time.” Praying that this wasn’t a cruel use of sarcasm, I feverishly checked the list on my phone to find that we had the #1 draw time in Wilson College.  Wanting to tell the world, I loudly professed my excitement to the entire car, which happened to be just my dad.

After celebrating and humming the tune of “All He Does Is Win” (the Tim Tebow version of course), I then realized the monumental importance of this stroke of luck. The four of us better not mess this up. With the opportunity to select ahead of everyone else in Wilson, we had to get the best room. Research would have to be done; residents would have to be interviewed.

Unsurprisingly, my friends have already grown tired of my Luck or RG3 as the #1 pick jokes, and we’ve only come slightly closer to making a decision.

Today Drew and I scouted out a couple of potential rooms, and on our final and most promising visit of the day we were greeted by two attractive girls who happily showed us around their room, which had a sweet common room, sizable bedrooms, a private bathroom, and a sick view of the Wilson courtyard. While I was sad to find out that the girls did not come with the room, we left knowing that there was strong potential for us to have a great setup next year.

However, there is still more to explore, as there is a room with a fire escape and another with potential roof access that still have to be examined.

The opportunity to pick first does not come around very often, and I don’t think any of us will be too happy if we realize next year that we missed out on the best possible room.

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