School vs. Education: The Real Deal Behind College

This is a guest post by content publishers Vinchenzo Renfurm and Jimenez Weerden of 37 Reasons. Make sure to check out his book “37 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go to School” on Amazon.

We go to school with the idea to become educated and because with an education you will have the right tools and equipment in your future life. But instead of getting educated and being prepared for the real world we get schooled, instead of being taught how to stand on our own two feet, being independent and stand out we are programmed to fit in, to obey and follow orders and the rely on others. Programmed and schooled to settle for far less than what we are capable of. We make tests and based upon the answers we give on those tests we are defined as “stupid” or “smart”. We are taught how to listen, obey and follow; but not how to question, invent and lead.

The school factories of today are still very successful at producing sheep instead of strong individuals because that’s what the world perhaps needed 60 years ago. But that model has never changed. Of course today, things are different and the world is in need of educated leaders, entrepreneurs and critical thinkers.

And so, the old production factory model of producing school bachelors or Ph.D.’s is broken. That is why you see so many people around you struggling economically, socially and personally. It’s because they lack the foundation that their parents and school should have given them.

When was the last time you actively worked on a plan for your future? When was the last time a teacher really asked you what you wanted to reach or do in life?

Schooling doesn’t matter, education does

What would you do if you followed a study at the best school or university in your area and the school was not able to give you your diploma?

Would you continue to learn at that same school, or would you quit and look for a new school where you could get a diploma? If you would quit, it says a lot about your reasons for going to school. If you go to school only for a diploma, then it’s very likely that the study you do has nothing to do with your true passion. Because true passion survives either with or without a diploma; and with or without a paycheck. Your real motivation for going to school should be in order to learn and not to get a piece of paper.

One of the biggest fallacies I see today is that people confuse schooling with education too often.
While school and education are 2 total different things! One matters and the other simply doesn’t.
A schooled person doesn’t have to be educated and an educated person doesn’t have to be schooled. There are many examples of people who are very successful, by every definition of that word, without a diploma. These people did not have diplomas, but they were educated. They knew what they wanted to reach and gave everything for their dream. Your education is more than just a piece of paper that says you have mastered some skills. Your education is your way of living and thinking. And in the long run, it’s your education and you personally that will be responsible for the outcome of your life and not your diploma.

Why I have written a book about this subject

The world is changing bit by bit every day, while the school system is not, the only difference is that you’re using a computer today for some tasks instead of a paper and a pen; but the general method for teaching and examining students is still the same as 60 years ago. And isn’t it common sense that if you keep doing things the same way, you will keep getting the same results? And so I have written a book about this subject.

My goal is to encourage students to set goals, to let them think critically for themselves and to inspire change in the educational system. This way school can once again be a big contributor to your success in life and to equip you with the right tools in life instead of being the opposite.

This is a guest post by content publisher Vinchenzo Renfurm of 37 Reasons. Make sure to check out his book “37 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go to School” on Amazon.

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