What PageRank is and Why You Need it

Page Rank is a measure of a web page’s strength. It is measured on a scale of 1-10. Any domain or URL can achieve Page Rank, but shorter URLs with words or strings of words that are commonly searched generally earn higher Page Rank than more obscure URLS.

PageRank and The Road to Success

The road to building a successful and profitable blog is filled with huge potholes. One piece of advice: good blogs have good PageRank

Coined after Google founder Larry Page, PageRank is a measure of your blog’s importance among other blogs. PageRanks (PR) range from PR1 to PR10, but a 10 is unattainable. Facebook is PR9, many of the best blogs are PR6.

Lets explain this further.

The page on your blog with strongest PR is the homepage. Some articles might hold strong PR if other sites link to them, and through linking you can increase your PR. Obviously, if the New York Times links to your blog, you’ll earn a tad more PR than if a newly started website does. PageRank is one factor in Google’s algorithm to determine how well your blog ranks in Google Search.

Linking isn’t the only way to increase PageRank, but a major one. Thing of how every single blog and website nowadays has a link to their Facebook page. Facebook will probably have the highest PageRank until the internet explodes.

Content People Link To = Good Page Rank = Higher Ranking in Google Search = More Options for Earning

Wuushah! That was a mouthful. Here are some tools:

Use this tool to check your site’s PageRank: PageRank Checker

You can also use Alexa for a more revealing assessment of how your site is doing: Alexa

I’d also strongly recommend adding the Chrome PageRank App to your browser. Then you can easily see PageRank of any site you visit, including this one! Get Chrome PageRank Status

Now that I’ve explained PageRank in full, here are some real applications of how you can use PageRank to fatten your wallet.

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